Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Wes Penny Loafer Shoes Review

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Wes Penny Loafer don’t look like they’re something you can use for being on your feet all day. However, they’re actually one of the best shoes for standing all day, specially created to help men feel comfortable even as their feet are in use for hours at a stretch. If you are currently looking for formal shoes that are both durable and comfy, check out this review.


This imported shoe is made from leather and comes with a synthetic sole. The leather actually provides maximum breathing space for the foot, ensuring that it wouldn’t cause overheating and sweats even when worn non-stop through the day. The shape of the shoe is specifically designed to conform to the shape of the foot so that there’s sufficient cushion along the arch. This promotes balance and prevents unnecessary pressure on the points of the foot that later on becomes extremely painful.

The product also boasts the so-called ‘soft air’ technology, which basically means that the bottom of the shoe is extra plus. This manages to absorb all the shock each time the wearer takes a step. The microbial mesh is treated prior to distribution to prevent moisture from building up when worn.


Done in the classic style of many shoes for men, Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Wes Penny Loafer shoes are something you can wear for practically all types of occasions. There are currently four available colors for the product: tan, black, dark brown and moss ice cap. Each one boasts of a masculine feel with a PVC outsole and a leather exterior that’s easy to maintain.

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The workmanship of the brand is also exceptional with every stitch in its proper place. The sole measures around ½ inches and is a different color to the main shoe, but still manages to blend well. The laces are the same color as the main body of the shoe, enhancing the formality of the design.


Definitely one of the cheapest men’s shoes in the market today, Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Wes Penny Loafer shoes are well within the affordable range available online, and the maximum possible price of the shoes is at $105.

Feedback by Users

The shoes actually got an impressive rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from different buyers in Amazon alone. Many commented on the incredible comfort provided by the footwear, not to mention its ability to resist moisture accumulation. Other comments centered on the preciseness of the sizing, receiving the exact measurements they were hoping for and that it fits perfectly as expected. Reports on durability also revealed that the shoes managed to retain their appearance even after heavy use.

Perfect for Standing All Day

All in all, they are one of the best shoes for standing all day. If your job involves walking from one place to another or perhaps you simply enjoy walking to and from work, then these are the shoes that will serve you best. They are perfect for salesmen, company runners, and basically anyone who wants to be at comfortable while standing all day long.