Handy Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

The most distinctive feature of hard wood floor that enables them to impart that unique and rich look is that no two floors can be made to look alike as the grain structure of natural wood varies along its length and breadth. Another unique feature is that a well maintained floor, over the years, develops its own distinctive shine that is hard to beat. Since ages hard wood floor have been in use because of these features. It’s not difficult to maintain such floors but it needs time and attention to make them to continue to look that impressive. Here are a few hints for the lovers of this natural material to help them maintain its uniqueness.

As an increasing number of house owners continue to replace their ordinary concrete flooring with alternate flooring materials that are more durable and better looking, the need and choice of cleaning agents has also increased. Different kind of flooring needs different cleaning agents.

The most popular material use for flooring is vinyl as it is easy to clean and maintain. Floor cleaners recommend the use of washed floor mops dipped in a solution of soap and water to get a polished floor. Readymade cleaning solutions especially formulated for vinyl are available.

Cleaning of wood flooring calls for a different technique and another kind of chemicals. The class of cleaning agent depends on the kind of wood used for making the floor, but most of the time a diluted alkaline solution suffices to do the needful. It’s important to rinse your wooden floor with water after the application of cleaning agents. It prevents water absorption by wood, thus adding to the life of your floor.

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While acid based solutions are excellent for cleaning ceramic floors they should not be used for cleaning of natural marble flooring. Acids weaken the marble-surface and thus the flooring gets spoiled. Likewise, too frequent a cleaning with alkaline solution is also harmful for marbles. Prolonged or too frequent a use of an alkali based cleaning agent causes marble to lose its natural color.

Flooring varies from place to place. Two places within the same enclosures, with the same kind of flooring material and with similar material often give a different feel. That’s partly due to the materials used for maintaining the same.

Cleaning of floors may appear to be much simpler but the challenge is to continue to have clean floors without really harming the material used for flooring. Please, check it out here to know more about hardwood floor cleaners.