4 Precious Gemstones to Choose for Your Engagement Ring

When you intend to propose your woman, there are ways to get information about the tastes that she loves and the jewels she has the habit of wearing. Many opt for the solution of choosing as a couple, so the surprise effect is not the same, but at least you will be sure to please her. There are four precious stones which you can consider to have in the engagement ring which are as follows;


1 – Diamond – The Symbol of Eternity

Diamond is the hardest, brightest and most expensive stone of all. Its name comes from a Greek word meaning ‘indomitable’. It is the stone most frequently chosen for engagement rings. There are diamonds of different colors and some colors are extremely rare such as red, green and some intensities of blue and pink.

The quality of a diamond is evaluated according to criteria known as 4C;

C as Carat

One carat equals 0.20 grams. The greater its weight, the greater its value.

C as Color

The most transparent stones are the ones with the most value. However, some colored stones like pink, blue or red reach prices higher than white stones as they are rarer.

C as Clarity

The less imperfections the diamond has means that it will be more expensive.

C as Cut

Size is a true object of art as it gives the diamond all its splendor and makes it a unique object. The more the size increases, the more its price increases.

2 – Sapphire – The Symbol of Sincerity and Fidelity

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The blue sapphire is the best known and has the highest value. Apart from the color blue, this can also be yellow, orange, green and pink sapphire, but none of the colors lacks in originality. The rarest ones present what we call ‘asterism’, the presence of microscopic titanium needles that allow these gems to diffuse in six-pointed stars when they are exposed to light. If you are interested in a pink sapphire ring,.

3 – Ruby – The Symbol of Passion and Victory

It is the brother of sapphire. It is the color that determines its value. The most prized is the blood of a dove. A rose gold frame will soften the ruby fire. On the contrary, a platinum or gray mount will highlight the contrast between cold and heat.

4 – Emerald – The Symbol of Hope and Eternal Youth

Of prestige and of accessible value, emerald is not far behind the sapphires and the rubies. Unlike other stones, this has a single color, green. Its brittleness makes it easier to carve and it is not uncommon for inclusions to appear. An emerald without a defect is extremely rare, so do not expect to find perfection, just make sure it is not cracked.