How and Why to Carry the Hidden Weapons?

There are great taboos, prejudices and errors among peers about the type of weapons most suitable, calibers, sheaths, etc. In fact, all weapons, of any size can be hidden. It is all a matter of choosing the holster and the most appropriate position. Using the wrong method can lead to the following;


The user will end up not carrying the weapon.


You will not be able to reach it when you need it.


The weapon will fire when hooked on clothing/equipment items, etc.

It can become a serious problem if we do not carry the weapon for the reason that it is uncomfortable and we will not have it when we need it. We have chosen a system of bearing with which the weapon is visible to the people around us and we run the risk of being confused with criminals that they snatch the gun, or worse, that the criminals themselves identify us as Police or we have chosen a holster or position that is not appropriate to our needs. This will once again result in discomfort and inaccessibility.

On the other hand, the study of the methods of carrying, I think that it will be of great interest from another point of view, which is the detection of those armed illegally. The agent trained in the characteristic signals that betray the hidden weapon, not only can avoid them, but also warn them in the criminals with whom he or she interacts.

Carrying a hidden weapon has such a wide range of connotations in the daily life of the user, which would give the impression that few facets of it are unaffected. Specifically, I appreciate the following areas;

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Not only must we buy adapted equipment, the sheath is the most obvious, but we will also even have to wear clothes of greater size, or cut differently depending on the time of year in order to disguise the shape of the weapon.


It will change the way we draw before it will be mandatory to ‘discover’ the weapon, maybe we need both hands, etc. We are no longer worth the movements we use with the weapon in sight. It will also be necessary to learn to move to prevent the weapon from being detected, or even to fall to the ground.


Go armed 24 hours out of service or being a civilian with license B implies the mentality to use it where appropriate. Many will doubt the justification for doing so. We should also be aware of responsibility, especially those who are not officials, for example, when consuming alcohol or drugs to find ourselves in certain environments, areas of drinks, sports shows, crowds in general, or to make a misuse of the weapon.


A uniformed police officer, with the weapon in sight, is not perceived as a threat in normal environments. A plainclothes policeman with a hidden weapon that is visible is quite the opposite, the first impression of the spectator is that he is a delinquent. The vast majority of people will feel uncomfortable or alarmed at an armed individual who is not immediately identified as an official, resulting in less uncomfortable situations. This has occurred frequently in with police officers, civilian and private guards in bars, gas stations, parks, etc. The mere display of the weapon in the field of private security can be a problem.

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