Production and the Presentation of Collection in an Exhibition


I hope in this post, I do not to complicate you too much but for the exhibition to be live, once the space and the funds have been reached, the scope has been defined, the objective established and the selection process carried out, things must be done in the appropriate way. And here noting is the abstract but the concrete. On what media will the photos be printed on? Will they carry frame, PVC support or hang with fishing thread? This requires concrete decisions and a process of production. And this step involves more decisions and actions than organizing a wedding day.

Presentation of the Collection

The first is to decide on which technique the photographs will be printed and presented. Today, there is an enormous amount of the possibilities to materialize the photos. It is worth exploring them because there are processes that powerfully alter the reception of an artistic work. It is not the same to print a photo in aluminum frame. It is worth investigating thoroughly and getting a very good printer to open a catalog of the possibilities and, of course, you will have to find what you are looking for at a price you can afford to display in the exhibition.

You also have to think about the support. Printed and then framed? Mounted in wood and coated with acrylic? With what color and dimensions? With anti-glare glass? Again the possibilities are too many and you have to make the final decision. Personally I choose two options as the absolutely new, with the risk of even falling into bad taste if the thing goes wrong, one can always say that it was daring and experimental as well as attacking the ignorance of the critics or totally classic, the photos printed on museographic quality paper, white large in small photo and small if it is a large photo, the black and simple frame is like the black dress and the pearls and there will be no way to fail your artistic decision.

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Do not forget that once the photos are printed and in their final support they will have to be placed, it will be necessary to determine the rhythm in terms of size, themes and dimensions. You have to place the photos and can have the help of technicians, workers, masons, painters or distinguished friends.