Discover The Charms Of Unforgettable Desert Safari Dubai Tour!

In short, you will be able to explore the most important nature reserves in Dubai in a historic Land Rover, stay in an authentic Bedouin camp, enjoy the local culture and traditions and discover the flavors of the area during your desert safari Dubai tour, literally a journey back in time to see the past of Dubai.

In your journey of desert safari Dubai, after being picked you up from the hotel, you will start a trip back in time to Dubai half a century ago. The vehicles used to make the tour of desert safari Dubai are the Land Rovers, Hummers and others in the impeccable state, offering the most exhilarating experience.

Entering the desert, you we will reach the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the most important nature reserve in the United Arab Emirates. You will tour the area to know the flora and fauna which is typical of the region. Antelopes, gazelles, camels, felines, foxes, reptiles and snakes are some of the animals you will get to see in this tour.

Recalling the ancient traditions, you will enjoy a hawk show and camel riding. After enjoying the sunset between the dunes, you we will go to your desert safari Dubai camp, located in one of the most fascinating areas of the desert.

Once you are in the Bedouin camp which is lit with the ancient lamps, you will see you a number of cultural traditions and activities such as henna tattoos, Arab folk music, traditional dancing, aromatic shishas and the handmade way of making Arabic bread and coffee.

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After enjoying a tasty dinner in the middle of the desert, you will have time to relax by the fire and enjoy the starry sky, a sky that you will find difficult to forget. To spend the night, you will have a traditional Arabic camp with everything you need. Also in the camp, you will find everything that you can require.

In the morning, you will wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and enjoy a traditional Arabic breakfast. To complete the trip to the past, a local Bedouin will tell you the true stories and anecdotes during breakfast. After breakfast you will return to the hustle bustle of Dubai city, finishing the desert safari Dubai tour in your hotel at about 10 AM. I am sure you cherish the memories of your trip for the rest of your life.