Important FAQs about Shower Vent Cleaning Asked to a Shower Cleaner Service

What are the signs and indication of the shower vent need cleaning?

The smell after using the shower for number two stays for quite a long time. If you open the door and are hit with an unusual smell of stale air in the shower, it is time to call the professionals for cleaning.

Where do they do shower exhaust system cleaning?

They do shower exhaust system cleaning in any shower and most of the customers are from the hotels and the reason for that is because the hotel guest complain for unusual smell or the hotel maintenances department is doing annual cleaning. The condominium shower vent cleaning and high-rise office buildings are the next big customer because the smell in those buildings is migrating from one room to another, the air in the high-rises building will take the lest resisted pat to escape.

What are the benefits of shower exhausts vent cleaning?

In order to explain the benefits of shower exhaust vent cleaning, I have to explain how the indoor air system in the buildings is working. The air in the buildings are forced throughout the air headlining unit located in the roof top and distributed throughout air shafts and air grills. Now that air is in the building have to flash the out tocsins and polluted air from the building out well that is where the shower vents come in use. Benefits of shower exhausts vent cleaning are no still air in the building, no mold, no dust, and no unusual shower smell or odors. Shower exhausts vent cleaning increase the health and safety of the occupants and guest.

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How much do the cleaning service cost?

The regular customers know the prices, and many shower cleaner services work on quantity discount. For the new customer, they schedule cleaning quotation. One of the senior air quality inspector visits the building and will give the client in writing cleaning quotation.

Do they clean shower exhaust risers?

Yes, they do. The high rise hotels and high-rise condo buildings are exhaust all the shower vents throughout the exhaust risers connecting all vents from the first floor to the top floor and if the building is over seventeen floors, a roof top exhaust unit is helping the washroom exhaust risers with shower exhaust fan to exhaust the washroom smell and moister out from the building.