Dubai Desert Safari – A Great Adventure Through The Desert

A visit to Dubai desert safari is undoubtedly the most demanded activity in Dubai. Every day dozens of the agencies make excursions to the desert of various types and at different times. Although the name of safari can fool you, the desert safari is a desert visit in 4×4 cars where the drivers give free rein to their sports driving skills.

The car races take place at high speed through the desert of Dubai rising and falling dunes and leaning to the unsuspected limits, so it cannot be said to be an ideal activity for the people with back issues or expecting females.

The more adventurous thing in a Dubai desert safari can also be to rent a quad or practice sandboarding in the dunes. A more peaceful activity as compared to ride in 4X4 that you could not miss in your trip to Dubai desert safari is to go for a camel ride while you can also enjoy a falconry show with hawks.

The Types of Excursions

Usually all agencies do several types of excursions, the most common are the following ones;

Safari with Dinner and Show

This tour is the traditional Dubai desert safari. In addition to touring the dunes at full speed, in this excursion, you will enjoy the sunset in the desert and it includes the dinner as well as various typical shows, including the famed belly dance. This is the star tour of Dubai desert safari which is highly recommend for every tourist coming to Dubai.

Multi-Day Tours

The people who wish to spend some time of the night in the desert can also make it possible in Dubai. No doubt the desert is one of the best places in the world to appreciate the stars, calmness of the nature and the cool sand under your feet at night.

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Where to hire the tour?

You can do online as there are many tour companies available online for providing these services. For very little money for your Dubai desert safari trip, you will be picked up from the hotel, you will ride the dunes at full speed, you will see the sunset in the desert, you will dine in a camp under the stars and you will enjoy a traditional belly dancing show.

When to book your Dubai desert safari tour?

We recommend booking as soon as possible to ensure availability, especially on public holidays.
The reservations are allowed until 15:00 hours the previous day according to Dubai time as long as there are spots available.