Different Curiosities about Diamonds and Emerald

In general, the gemstones are used for jewelry, but their use is not restricted to the jewelry only. They are, in fact, used in contemporary art as well while many gemstones are believed to have healing powers as well. In this post, I will share with you a few facts, used and curiosities regarding diamond and emerald.


There is no waste in the production of diamonds; everything is taken advantage of, even the dust that forms in the stoning.

The smallest cut diamond is 0.00063 carat, 57 facets and 0.53 mm in diameter. It was cut in Antwerp, Belgium.

The largest and most celebrated of all the diamonds ever found is the Cullinan, discovered at the Premier Mine in Pretoria, South Africa, on January 25, 1905 by Sir Thomas Cullinan. It had 3106 carats in the raw state. When it was finished, it was of 530.2 carats.

The most expensive cut diamond in the world has 101.84 carats. It was sold in Geneva, Switzerland on November 14, 1990 for $12.8 million.

A 6.04 carat blue diamond sold for $7,981,835 in 2007 is the highest price per carat ever paid on the sale of a diamond.

Smithsonian Institution’s blue diamond Hope is considered by some to be the most visited museum piece in the world.

Swiss company Pat Says Now has manufactured 18K gold-plated mouse studded with 59 diamonds, sold for $24,000.

According to Talmud, if it got foggy in front of a criminal suspect, he was guilty.


In the olden days, it was recommended that the emerald should be used only on Friday.
In the fourth century, emerald was regarded as a source of happiness.
If the owner of emerald acted incorrectly, it would shatter.
Emerald was considered by Aristotle the remedy against the epilepsy.
It was believed that the emerald could make the single man invisible and until recently it was used as a medicine against fever, dysentery and bites of poisonous animals.
Emerald is currently used as an amulet in India.
Emerald is the gem used in the Pope’s ring.

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You can see that diamonds and emeralds are not for jewelry only, but they are more than simple jewelry ornaments. If you want to buy the jewelry such as the emerald and diamond earrings..