Best Tricks for Sanitary Cleaning in Offices

The excess lime in the water or aggressive cleaning products can damage the toilets very frequently and require replacement soon after they have been installed. Bathroom renovations are those that are most often done in homes and can often be avoided if they are cleaned well. To know the best tricks to perform office toilet cleaning for spectacular results, read further. Following all the recommendations we give you for cleaning office toilet facilities which are simpler and require less time.

Disinfect All Corner

Surface cleaning with soap and water is not enough to ensure that all bath spaces are well disinfected. There are very effective techniques for professional cleaning which consist of the use of ozone or pressure water machines with disinfectant liquids.

There are many product options that are already prepared for the disinfection of the toilets and can be easily obtained in the shops. When disinfection is being carried out, it is very important to leave the disinfectant products to work for several minutes, so that they penetrate well and if you do not we will be wasting your money and time.

The use of gloves and even a mask is highly advisable because disinfectants can damage your skin. Direct contact with the eyes must be avoided while windows should always be open. Disinfection is very important in the sanitary cleaning process and should never be forgotten under any circumstances.

Avoid Mixing Bleach and Detergents

In the past, it would be bleach mixed with detergent almost always for the cleaning of toilets, but being such a strong and abrasive product, it was very habitual that it would deteriorate the appearance of almost any surface. It is best to use other more natural disinfectants which contain little chemical composition, as it is advisable for your health and environment.

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If you observe rust residues when cleaning the toilet, you can apply a mixture of salt and lemon on the stains with a scourer. It is strongly rubbed on the affected areas, allowed to act for several minutes and then rinsed with water.

Use the Same Product

You do not need to use more than one product for sinks, tubs, bidets, etc. Normally, all of them are made with the same materials, so it is advisable to use the same product to achieve similar results and save costs when you want to do a general surface cleaning on a daily basis.