A Brief Introduction to the Remy Hair Wigs

In this article, I will explain the different types of natural hair wigs you can find, and what is the difference between natural remy and non-remy hair wigs, so first of all, we have virgin remy hair wigs to talk about.

This is natural hair obtained from a single woman and hasn’t received any chemical process, that is, the donor of the hair has never got a permanent dye or has ever discolored it. It may be something impossible to find, but in fact, in many Asian countries, it is not well seen that a woman discolors or damages her hair; here straight black hair is a sign of identifying it. That said, when getting natural hair, you have to follow an equally rigorous process, so the hair wig is still considered virgin hair and cannot be dyed or discolored and cannot have aggressive chemical processes to rip or curl. As an expert, I advise you to get a remi wig and save yourself time and money as they are real human hair wigs.


It lasts for more than 1 year with proper care and it is the closest thing to your own natural hair.


It is only available in natural black color, so it is necessary to discolor and dye in most cases.

What about the names such as Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian and Indian?

Although it seems, they do not refer to the country of origin of the hair, but rather to the way to process it. It should be said that at present, 95% of natural hair for making the wigs comes from Asia i.e. China, India, and Southeast Asia.

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Secondly, we have natural remy hair wigs. They are processed from virgin hair but need a bleaching and dye treatment to meet the demand of most women. In addition to this, in the process of selection and processing of the hair, one must be especially careful to keep the pigtails in such a way that the hair is always in the same direction. That is, the roots up (tied) and the tips down because it is important. These Remy last for more than 8 months.


You can get it in the color, width and texture you want.


It is not advisable to re-dye it, as the results may be uncertain.

Lastly, we have non-remy hair wigs. In this case, the hair comes from factory waste, or hair that does not meet the quality requirements because it was already discolored or dyed permanently in the past. They are still natural hair, but to avoid tangles, the hair is subjected to a more aggressive type of process for a few seconds in a bath with acids to remove the cuticle. In the final process, they are given a wax bath, so that it can regain its shine. In addition, this bath adds weight to the hair. The silicone, of course, disappears with the first washes, making it an option for women who like to change their look frequently.


The main advantage is that is cheaper than the types mentioned above.


It last for a short time, which is about 3 months.