Where to Get the Solar 12V Battery Charger?

The solar 12v battery charger fits right into the picture for environmentally acceptable solar energy systems. They are a great choice to power many basic large things like trucks, automobiles, RVs, boats, jet skis, motorcycles and ATVs. They are portable and can be used at home or on the road, using sunlight to renew their charge for free and the batteries do not end up in landfills.

Batteries of cell phones, PDAs, laptop computers, MP3 players, radios and other small electronics can be charged with solar battery chargers. Recharging saves expense and reduces the landfill waste and possible leakage from hazardous metals. Using free, renewable solar energy for battery power and recharging makes perfect sense all around.

A solar 12v battery charger can be used in several ways. Some are only useful in trickle charging to maintain a charge. These are not designed for full charging of dead batteries. Others are capable of starting a dead battery, and of keeping a battery fully charged. Some have extra features like status lights, so you know what the charge is at a glance. If you need the charger for outdoor use, get one that is weather resistant and made for being used outdoors. The warranties vary, so look for one with a long term warranty.

The way it works is interesting. You have a photovoltaic solar panel that in turn is made up of solar modules. Each module contains solar cells which absorb sunlight. As the sunlight is absorbed, it stimulates electrons inside the cells, producing electrical energy. This energy is stored by the solar 12v battery charger into a rechargeable battery. Another option is using the energy directly if your charger is capable of direct feeds.

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There are different kinds of photovoltaic solar panels used with chargers. Some are firm, while others are foldable. The smaller foldable panels are good for use in remote areas or on camping trips. Larger crystalline panels are more familiar sights and are used at home, on rooftops and with the battery chargers. The cells inside these panels are very sensitive and can produce an electric current from exposure to even overcast sunlight. Tilting the panels toward the sunlight increases the intensity of the current to the battery charger.

They are made to be safe for adults and children, to have high durability, and be connected easily. They are lightweight and easy to carry. They can be used with many common devices and utilities. They’re created to maintain current levels of ordinary 12v batteries, and also to prevent discharge losses over time. It is important to keep voltage levels up for maximum performance and to extend the life of the battery.

Next time you need to purchase a battery charger, consider the solar 12v battery charger as a good choice. You will enjoy knowing you are buying an environmentally helpful product, and bringing the future a step closer. As demand for solar accessories and power increases, technology, lower prices and publicity will bring them into common use everywhere.