Basic Information about Citronella Dog Collar

The citronella bark collar is designed to train your dog to develop desirable habits and eliminate unwanted traits. It can be used to each your dog to avoid running away or to put an end to nuisance barking. Aside from that, the citronella bark collar can likewise be used as a useful aid in containing your pet dog to stay in a particular location in your house.

The good thing about this kind of collar is that it is ideal even on young dogs. The citronella bark collar works by releasing a spray if the pet gets near a buried fence. This newly revolutionized device is considered as a more subtle way of teaching your dogs to learn desirable behaviors than the traditional shock collars.

Previous models of anti-bark collar would deliver an electric shock once the pet exhibits an undesirable behavior due to excessive barking or breaching the buried fence. The citronella bark collar releases a solution of citronella to remind the dog that it has exhibited an incorrect behavior.

The anti-bark collar with the citronella spray provides a guarantee of safety. It interrupts your dog and serves as a reminder that it has done an undesirable behavior.

The citronella bark collar is an effective tool for training your pet to enhance its behavior. However, this should not be a one-sided affair only. You must be willing to collaborate with your dog.

Don’t think that your dog will modify its behavior instantly. You need to collaborate with your pet in order to train it to behave accordingly. You would not want to hurt your dog while using the citronella bark collar. It is very important to understand the instruction manual first before placing the citronella bark collar on the animal.

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With the citronella bark collar, you have a guarantee that your dog will be free from any harm while undergoing training. With this kind of anti-bark collar, you are training your dog to behave in the manner that you want them to behave. If used properly, this device will help the dog behave according to the way you want them to act.

So if you are looking for a remedy for your dog’s excessive barking, the citronella bark collar is the perfect solution to your problem. By doing this, you can rid yourself of annoyed neighbors while giving yourself an opportunity to have a good night sleep.