A Brief Look at the Different Bark Collars

People who have pet dogs are aware that excessive barking can be annoying to both neighbors and pedestrians. If your dog is barking loudly at the middle of the night, then you could put yourself in a lot of trouble. It can also be annoying especially if you are trying to get some sleep. Fortunately, nuisance barking from your pet dog can now be cured with the help of bark collars. However, before you embark on a search for the best bark collar for your dog, it is important for you to understand why dogs are barking.

Your dog could be barking for several reasons. One reason why they bark is because they could be in a location that has no fence in full view of distractions such as loud vehicles and boisterous kids. Things will only get out of hand if your neighbor constantly passes by, and endlessly shouts or scares your dog.

Spray bark collars are popular tools that can control your dog’s barking. It has a gadget that is placed below your dog’s chin. These bark collars unleash an unpleasant smell whenever your dog will bark. Your dog will dislike the smell of the spray and will disturb them. This kind of bark collar is harmless and is considered as humane.

Another kind of device that can be used to reduce your dog’s barking is a choke bark collar. Here, the device constricts in a choking fashion when your pet starts barking. It has a sensor that identifies the appropriate distance at which to close. The danger of this kind of bark collar is that it can fail and may lead to the death of your pet due to choking.

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Shock bark collars are considered as inhuman and cruel so this device is not being used these days. Likewise, it can have a negative outcome on your pet. The dog may mistakenly associate his barking with something else. For example, if a child led to the barking of the dog which will activate the bark collar, then it may become a delicate situation. Since your pet dog is unaware that barking is wrong, the dog might think that the child was the cause of his pain. Eventually, when the bark collar is removed, your dog may attack the child.

Training your dogs with bark collar requires that you work hand in hand with the dog until the animal is able to behave according to the way you want it to. You are also recommended to go through different bark collar reviews, so that you can buy a good one.