A Brief Introduction To The German Roaches And Their Social Nature

You believe it or not, cockroaches are social creatures. The scientific studies have shown that roaches form incredibly close bonds with other roaches and that they have a sophisticated intelligence which allows them to recognize members of their own families. It was also discovered that different generations of the same family are most likely to nest together.


So whilst it appears that roaches need their friends, further studies have shown that a cockroach does not live well if left alone.  As they are social by nature, loneliness affects their growth and those that are left to fend for themselves suffer isolation syndrome. The studies on young German and American roaches showed that those roaches left alone took far longer to develop and turn into adults, found joining roach communities much harder and mated much later in life. The results simply show us that young roaches need constant physical contact with other roaches to ensure successful development into adulthood.


German cockroach is known to be a small species which range from 1.3cm to 1.6cm. However, it can grow bigger if the surrounding is suitable. It looks like a muddy water which is brown and have 2 parallel streaks starting from the top of the head and end at the wings. Although it has wings but cannot support the weight of the roach.


German roach normally is found in industries, restaurants and shopping complexes where the temperature is not too cold and food is available to sustain life. It usually is found in human habitat as it is warm because German cockroach cannot sustain in cold climate.


Most of the time it comes in a large group when it is disturbed. When it is frightened, it will release a smelly odor to distract the attention. Knowing that it is small, it can hide anywhere and it becomes difficult to find it. If you are thinking of leaving moth balls or pesticide where you think they are, you will fail.


German roaches carry their eggs around rather than leaving in a fixed location like all other roaches do. This generally protects them from being wiped out easily. However, you can use cockroach bait or trap to effectively control it. If German cockroach is not controlled well, the population will rise quickly until you realize that it has a fast reproductive cycle.


Compared to other roaches, German roaches like sugary foods and meat. If there is lacking of food, it can eat glue, toothpaste and soup which is starchy. In the extreme condition, it can turn to cannibal eating insect where it chews legs and wings of its species.

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