6 Steps of a Perfect Logo and Website Design

The logo ad websites are the faces of the corporate identity, the facade of brands. They are key players in your target audience’s daily life and they are presented on many items and spots and remind convince the buyers to buy your products or hire services. In short, they are nothing less than the face and eyes of companies. In this article, I will explain the intricacies of the process behind the development of a logo and website design for a brand.

1 – Briefing & Involvement

The first step, when you have request for the creation of a logo and website for a brand and have already read the brief, to involve yourself in the area of ​​the mark from different vertices i.e. brand, customers, competition, opportunities, threats, and getting into their world, soak your idea, viewed through it, know the operation of business and people working, the message tone using details that go unnoticed. Once gathered all the data by the client, return to the studio to put on the table and start the research of your own for ideas.

2 – Research

It is the crucial moment when through an image you will encapsulate the concept of ​​the brand, what it represents, the values ​​to be transmitted, the sensations you want to provoke, and especially, what Unique Selling Proposition and reason why the company is selling the product.

It depends on the outcome, you are going to explain that it is funny or serious, responsible and friendly, cheap or expensive. It is not a trivial matter; logo conveys much more information from the company than a conscious level we can see, in the same way that a conversation with someone gives us much more information than verbalized gestures.

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It is important to analyze the competition, the business opportunities offered by the current and future time, the audience it is directed and socioeconomic profile. It is also important to detect cultural sensations of modern society to connect with the public with logo and website.

3 – Sketching

It’s time to get down on paper or on screen for the first conceptual graphic solution to the way you have imagined. The process of graphic creation, like any creative process is a kind of creation in mud, where forms are associated with your idea, you refine and improve, subtracting elements that do not work, and gradually modify hierarchically how until a creation as pure as possible to fit the abstract idea to the ideal situation. You can define them as the purest graphical approach to a conceptual idea.

4 – Design

Now you turn to the right vector drawing program i.e. Freehand, Illustrator, Indesign for the final custom logo and website creation. Normally you will have made a sketch with inaccuracies, but the logo should be clean with the minimum number of possible ways.

You will have to take into account the symmetry of proportion, harmony and choice of colors and fonts. It takes into account the color range that will serve as the backbone to the whole corporate identity.

The choice of dominant color not only transmits values ​​or feelings to the public, it is also the vehicle that represents the brand, customers and employees.

5 – Presentation

It’s time to present the logo and website design concept to the client. At this time, you must stay one step ahead of the client. You have been able to scan the horizon in which they will develop the brand and have to be credible and convincing. It is important to be sure and convinced that your graphical approach has not only been able to collect the ideas and objectives of the client, but to overcome them, making your logo, bearing the mark a little further. Typically, if the presentation works certain with minor amendments to consider, which will be incorporated into the final design are discussed.

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6 – Development and Implementation

When the logo and website design have the final approval, the style manual, which explains and limits the development of communication identity is constructed, the proper application of logo and website to be used to maintain consistency.