5 Steps You Can Take to Advance Your Career in 2020

Career advancement can seem like such a huge obstacle to overcome when you’re comfortable in your current job position. Most people assume they’ll have to work on another degree or certification that will take months or years to obtain. It’s easy to put your professional development on the back burner when you’ve got so many current obligations and commitments on the table. Here are five steps you can take to elevate your career status this year:

1. Enroll in Continued Professional Development (CPD) Courses

CPD training courses are available for professionals in a variety of industries and are designed to track and document your current knowledge and expertise levels. With this type of ongoing education, you can prove to clients and employers that your skills are up-to-par and up-to-date, which is especially important with healthcare industry jobs.

2. Revamp Your CV

The way your CV is formatted and written can affect the way prospective employers and clients view your applications and proposals. Invest in a professional CV writing service or take the time to optimize your CV yourself. This step can be done in a single day and when you’re done, you’ll have a much better chance at landing the job of your dreams, or at least a job that’s better than the one you already have.

3. Build a Professional Portfolio

Having an impressive portfolio can get you noticed and hired by high-value clients or employers who only want to deal with proven providers. A CV shows them what you can do on paper, but a portfolio brings everything to life with images or actual samples of your work. If you already have a portfolio, look for ways to improve it with better photography or higher quality samples.

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4. Start a Blog

Publishing a regularly updated blog that’s relevant to your line of work will serve to put your expertise on display. When you have an online headquarters that people can use as an informational resource, you’re more likely to be noticed and respected by people who need your services. Furthermore, as a blogger with legitimate expertise in the field you’re writing about, you could also write for other blogs and sites on a freelance basis to boost your income.

5. Launch a Job Search

What if you already have what it takes to land a better job, and the only reason why you haven’t gotten that job yet is because you simply haven’t applied for it? The fastest way to see an immediate improvement in your career is to land a new job that pays better, offers better benefits, or is just more enjoyable. Check out the biggest job search sites and start submitting your CV for higher-paying positions.

Career Advancement is a Worthwhile Investment

Whether you’re spending time, money, or both, any steps you take to advance your career will usually wind up being worthwhile in the long-term. You may not see the results of your career advancement efforts right away, but with the tips above and a persistent job search, you should be able to reach a high level in any industry.