Tips When Downsizing From a House to an Apartment

The trend of minimalist lifestyles continues to grow, believing that “less is more.” Many people are choosing to downsize from a house to an apartment. Not just reserved for millennials or empty nesters, adults of all ages are deciding to live with less. Reducing the size of your home gives you more money and time. Those who move from a house to an apartment enjoy experiences rather than belongings. Minimalists believe life becomes more fulfilling with less.

Downsizing from a house to an apartment may seem like a downgrade, but it has many benefits. You have more time and don’t have to worry about doing yard work. Also, a smaller living space gives you less to clean with little clutter. You’ll have lower monthly expenses as a renter rather than a homeowner. The burden of property taxes, HOA fees, and other costs gets lifted. Life becomes less stressful and more enjoyable after you move.

This lifestyle sounds pretty good, right? Let’s review some tips from a Plano moving company for downsizing from a house to an apartment.

Create a List of Wants and Needs

Make a list of what you want and need in an apartment to narrow down places to rent. People have different preferences as to their living space. Some prefer a bottom floor because it makes moving easier. Others may like a higher level for noise reduction or to take in a breathtaking view. If you need a patio or deck to enjoy the outdoors, put that on the list.

Next, you need to determine how much you’re willing to pay a month for rent. After getting an idea of living costs, set a budget on the price you can afford. The more bedrooms an apartment has, the higher the rent costs. Figure out how many rooms you need to accommodate your lifestyle.

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Downsizing From a House to an Apartment

Extra amenities attract many renters because apartment buildings make these features enticing. Some additions include swimming pools, fitness centers, dog parks, and free internet. Decide what amenities you can’t live without, a common one being parking. This apartment wish list will make it easier to find a place that best suits you.

Start the Process Early

Start planning as soon as you decide to downsize from a house to an apartment. Take the time to develop a solid game plan for your move. You need to begin the process early because you’ll have a lot to do. You have to get rid of belongings and set up a strategy to sell your house.

You need to gather information on transferring utilities over to the next homeowner. You also have to be prepared to file a change of address. Many loose ends need to be tied up when downsizing from a house to an apartment. Keep a running list of things so you don’t have to worry about them at the last minute.

Start asking friends to help pack and if they can help you with the relocation. You may want to find a moving company to transport your belongings, and hiring professionals will make the transition less stressful and easier for you.

Purging Your Belongings

For anyone downsizing a living space, purging belongings is a challenging task. You’ve collected so much stuff, filling up the house over the years. You’ll likely feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin. Start with your wardrobe first and sell or donate any clothes not worn within the past year.

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Your new apartment will obviously not have the space to fit all your furniture, so sell it. You can post the items on a local online selling site. Save the money you make and buy new furniture or put it towards other moving expenses.

Larger appliances will likely go to the next homeowner, but you can sell or donate smaller ones. You’ll be able to clear off your counters or any clutter in your cabinets. Many people are guilty of buying the latest kitchen gadgets and rarely use them.

Go through your pantry and donate, consume, or throw out any canned goods before moving. You can check with a local food pantry or shelter to see how they collect the items.

Find a Storage Solution

You’ll have to get rid of many of your belongings but may have things you need to keep. You’ll need to find a storage solution for any extra necessities or keepsakes. You can get bins or shelves to stack in your apartment, and there are many storage solutions available that are perfect for small living spaces.

If bins or shelving aren’t enough to meet your needs, you can partner with a storage company. Rent out a monthly unit near your new home to keep your belongings safe. If you plan on eventually selling the items, give yourself a deadline to empty the unit. You’ll have additional money from not paying storage fees.

Enjoy Your New Lifestyle

Switching from a house to an apartment is a drastic change, but it has many benefits. The most challenging part is starting your new lifestyle. The growing trend of minimalism is popular for a reason. Many people find life much more satisfying after moving into a smaller space. Not being a homeowner will give you fewer responsibilities, lower bills, and more free time.

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You may feel overwhelmed at first when developing a plan to downsize your living space. Start planning once you decide to leave your house and move into an apartment. If you give yourself enough time, the transition will go smoother.

Don’t view moving from a house to an apartment as a downgrade. You’ll have less stress and clutter, and the lower living costs will let you spend money on experiences you love. After you move, you’ll enjoy your new lifestyle before you know it.