Features & Types of the Best Drain Cleaners

So what type and features should you look out for when choosing the best drain cleaner for your home? In this post here. I will talk about some of the features and types to consider that will help you in making your choice for the best drain cleaner.

Easy to Use

It is good to have a cleaner that can be used in a convenient manner. Presently, most cleaners are made in powder form or in packets. This means that you can place them at the opening of your drain and let some water to flow. The formulation in the cleaner breaks down the accumulated drain dirt and clogs making them pass down easily. A good drain cleaner allows you to maintain hygiene in your drains quite simply.

There are three types of the best drains cleaners you can choose one for the drains in your home. In this regard, we have the gel drain cleaner as the best choice.

1 – Gel

Gel drain cleaners are considered the best when it comes to penetrating through the water to reach the clog. The reason behind this capability is the fact that they are heavier as compared to water. Once on the clog the ingredients of the cleaner react with the clog to break or dissolve into the water. Unlike liquid drain cleaners, they do not stick to the clog before dissolving the clog. Though not effective in terms of cleaning the inside of the pipes, they are effective in attacking tough clogs that cause standing water.

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2 – Foaming

Despite having almost the same characteristics with gel dry cleaners, foaming dry cleaners are well suited for slow draining pipes. When the cleaner is poured down the drain, it foams thick foam, which fills the whole pipe dissolving the clog as well as cleaning the entire inside of the pipe. It is the best drain cleaner especially when you have slow draining water since it does not only work on the clog but also cleans the pipe walls with a lot of ease.

3 – Liquid

Liquid drain cleaner can be a good in preventing some clogs as well as clear small blockages, however, in situations where you have a tough clog all you need is a gel or foam is the best drain cleaner.

Today, I am going to suggest you some ways that you can choose in order to clean the drains, as they are the best drain cleaners that you can find now. They are cheap and also very effective.

Lye Beads

These beads are really easy to use, as you can throw them in the drain and pour some liquid on it in order to activate them. If you are looking for pungent results, then I suggest you using the gel based formula for activating the beads of this cleaner. It is very easy to use, and only within few minutes you are able to get the strong results. With all this you are also able to get the fragrance in your kitchen or bathroom, or where ever you use this strong cleaner.

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You can use this one twice if you do not get the desired results from the first use. There are other uses for the cleaner also, as you can use this cleaner in order to clean the floors, as it is very good in removing the stains as well.


Using hot water is also a very important tip which can keep your drain unclogged, as the temperature will literally break and melt down the small particles so there is nothing that can be stuck in there and you are able to maintain a clean drain in your house. If you add some washing powder in this hot water, then you can also eliminate the foul smell that many of us commonly have to face as there will no smell and you can only smell the refreshing scent of the washing powder that you have used. With this you can also use the baking soda or the salts as they will keep the drain clean for a longer period of time for no doubt.

Homemade Methods

As well as you use can salt, yes I know that you are shocked as you can use salt in order to clean the drains, all you have to do is just pour a very small amount of salt in the drain, and run warm or very hot water from t afterwards, if you do this trick almost every day, then I am sure you will receive the results that you are looking for. This is a very cheap way, no doubt.

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I hope now you will be able to make an informed decision instead of making an experiment.