The Rising Point in Kobe Bryant’s Basketball Career

In his nearly 20 years as the Californian basketball team, Kobe Bryant has given everything, and that is why he has become a living symbol for the basketball team of Los Angeles. But you cannot say that Kobe was a star since his first day. LA Lakers has always been one of the biggest teams in the NBA, so it has always had many of the best basketball players of the moment. Bryant made the first year in which he came off the bench in some games, realizing good performances but no time or authority to prove who he was.

And indeed, it was not until the arrival of Phil Jackson as coach in the team when Kobe Bryant began to show his great potential, becoming the soul of the Lakers. It was the first season of Bryant with Phil Jackson and they managed to lead the team to their first NBA ring. After this, large numbers along with his good connections with other large NBA in recent decades, Shaquille O’Neal, managed to win two consecutive championships credited as the best league in the world of NBA.

From that time, Kobe has also lived much different clashes with his coach, especially Phil Jackson, as with peers and even friends on the court. However, he has always given everything for his team. That’s why the NBA has won 5 times, counting the three already named. But it has also become a classic All-Stars games, mostly as a starter.

As for personal titles, he has been named MVP of the season in 2008, MVP of the NBA Finals in 2009 and 2010 and has participated in 15 All-Stars to be designated in 4 of those occasions of MVP of the All-Stars Game. He has managed to be the top basketball scorer of the NBA season twice and he was part of the All-NBA team 10 times, two more took part in the second All-NBA Team and on 2 occasions was part of the third All-NBA Team.

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In 2013, he came to suffer one of the worst injuries of his basketball career, which thwarted the possibilities of the Lakers to go round, despite the great effort of Pau Gasol, who has been one of the great friends of Kobe Bryant.

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