The Denial of Addiction & the Road to Recovery

The Denial of Addiction

In general, the denial of addiction is a typical symptom being an unconscious defense mechanism. The substance the addicts take produces a change in the mood and they fear that without it they will feel totally overwhelmed by anxiety or sadness or they will be unable to enjoy their relationships with others or to relate to them. Thus, they convince themselves that nothing happens and it is okay to continue to take it.

What happens is that they do not want to leave, because they feel they need the effect it produces on them for the relief of emotional distress. The degree of denial can vary, being more or less serious, but in some cases the denial can be so great that a person can continue to say that he is not addicted despite having lost his job and family because of addiction.

In order to maintain the denial that allows them to continue to consume, they blame others or the negative circumstances. For example, they blame their breakup partner or boss for being overly intransigent and dictatorial.

The Road to Recovery of Addiction

The problems for which the addict began to take drugs or alcohol are still there. If he started drinking to relieve anxiety, shyness, depression, or insomnia, he will still have those problems, to which are added all those caused by addiction first of all you can join the Addiction Treatment Center for your drug recovery first step can be the hardest but you can do it.

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He may be able to stop using the drug for a while but if he does not solve the problems that caused the addiction in the first place as well as the problems that the addiction has caused later, there is a high probability that he will fall sooner or later or that he will change one addiction for another, for example, he can switch from alcohol to heroin, cocaine or some other stuff.

If he continues to blame others, if he remains insensitive to the needs of others for being too self-centered and striving not to get high, if his self-esteem is damaged by addiction, if the problems he has generated in his relationships creating discomfort, all that can make it very difficult to give up drugs or alcohol without the help of specialized professionals. For this reason, the most important step that an addict or his family members can take towards recovery is to recognize that they cannot do it alone and seek help from professional local rehab centers.