Sleep Masks for Napping

Could napping with a sleep mask possibly be the key to success? Many of our greatest achievers throughout history napped. Napoleon often napped on the battlefield. Leonardo da Vinci caught a few winks at the canvas. The piano was the place for nap time for Brahms. Most inventors, world leaders, artists, poets, composers and many US presidents were known to take naps.

Naps are the best way to recharge your day. Clinical research has proven that a 15-20 minute nap improves focus, enhances alertness, and gives the body energy that it needs to stay at peak performance during the day. It has also been proven that naps do not have negative impacts on the ability to sleep at night

Sleep masks help you sleep whether taking a nap or at bed time. The best sleeping environment is one that is completely dark. Here are a few suggestions for the best sleep masks.

An ultra-plush sleep mask will help you to sleep peacefully. This mask is feather light and cushioned to block out light for better sleep. The material wraps around to provide soothing softness and comfort. The mask is one size fits all and comes with an elasticized strap. It’s perfect or bedtime or nap time.

If you suffer from chronic tiered eyes, try a hot/cold sleep mask. The mask is reversible with one side that provides warmth and comfort and the other side is made of satin to provide a cool, gentle sensation. The mask has a gel pack inside that can either be cooled or heated to provide added comfort as well as therapy for your eyes. This mask also has an elasticized headband that is adjustable.

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For a warm relaxing sensation try a gel sleep mask. These masks are plush and the minute you put them on you feel their therapeutic effects. You not only get a good night’s sleep but a relaxing sensation throughout your entire body.

For the ultimate in sleep masks try sleep masks with ear plugs! They block out all light completely and fit your face snugly without any pressure. The earplugs fit in a tiny pocket on the mask.

REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep masks provide deep sleep. Scientists have found that REM sleep is the most important part of the sleeping cycle. The masks are lightweight and cushioned and uniquely molded to allow REM sleep which is a feature other sleep masks don’t have. You are suggested to go to this page to check the best variety of sleep masks.