Role of the Tax Consultants

At present, any company, regardless of its size, needs to have a tax consultant with extensive experience and above all, who is up to date with the tax legislation.

The current socio-economic situation is constantly changing, resulting in ever-increasing and more complex tax requirements, which make the role of the tax consultant more than ever necessary in the business management.

What is the main role of a tax consultant?

Basically, the tax consultant are responsible for compliance with the tax obligations to the Public Administration of individuals or company.

In particular, a tax consultant should obtain the maximum tax savings for the company or individual, informing him or her about the necessary actions that should be carried out for this purpose. Such advice should always be in line with the current regulations, adapting of course to the specific needs of the client.

The quality of the services offered by the tax consultant will be measured, in addition to the tax savings achieved within the legal framework, by the preventive advice he makes for the company. It is necessary to know in advance the fiscal strategy that the company must carry out with a view to maximize the tax savings. This fiscal strategy must be aligned with the client’s business strategy. The main responsibilities of the tax consultant fall into the following areas;

Tax saving
Contest of creditors
Treasury inspections
Doubts about VAT
Declaration of income
Family Protocol
Constitution and dissolution of the companies
Corporate tax
Periodic and annual statements

It is important to keep in mind that the activity of the tax consultant is not regulated, so in case of the errors, the taxpayer is the responsible person before the Treasury who will have to face the consequences. In this sense, the advice of the tax consultant is not binding. It will be the taxpayer who will later request the responsibility to the tax consultant via a claim. It is, therefore, important that the taxpayers choose their consultant with a carefully conducted research, demanding the extensive training and experience in tax and business matters.

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Of course, despite having the professional tax consultant with extensive experience, these are still mere consultants. That is, they cannot force the client to make the payments in the case of fiscal sanctions. For them the customer will be solely responsible for the Treasury in these cases.