Relay Harness to Solve Delayed Start-Up & Fluctuating Light Output of HID Headlights

Problem: Delayed Start-Up

A problem that sometime occurs with HID headlights is that they take time to start properly. In fact, the HID ballast requires a high power output during the ignition of the light. In case the HID ballast is not getting enough power, it will simply delay in powering up the headlight and the cars with old wiring are especially prone to this problem.

The Solution

The installation of the relay harness wiring can solve this problem very easily. The HID ballasts would get power directly from the battery and this direct power will result in enough required energy to properly start up the HID headlight.

Problem: Fluctuating Light Output

If the HID ballast is not receiving proper power, it would fluctuate for the reason that it makes the attempt to ignite and start-up the HID light. This would result in ineffective ballast which wouldn’t be able to convert AC power to the DC power required by the HID headlight. The outcome would be flickering of light that may prove to be a safety hazard especially during the night drive.

The Solution

Installing a HID relay harness wiring to your vehicle will resolve the flickering and fluctuating of the light. The car would get the required power that would be sufficient to prevent flickering of the HID light.

Is installing a relay harness wiring worth the investment?

HID relay harness wiring is an indispensable solution for a host of power related issues. It provides stable consistent power to the HID light, which results in bright vivid light that performs flawlessly for long periods.

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With the relay harness wiring, you would be extending the life of your HID headlight kit. If you are facing the same problems with your HID kit that are discussed above, you should consider installing a relay harness wiring to your vehicle. This will amplify the power output to your HID headlight and provide the ballasts with enough power to ensure optimum performance of your HID headlight kit.

I hope you will have smooth operation of HID headlights regarding the above mentioned issues now. In case you have not bought the HID conversion kit of yours yet, it is the right time to buy one and have a safer and better vision of driving at night. To buy the bets HID conversion kit, you can visit The Review Gurus where you will find many brands.