Learn How Relay Harness Wiring Solves HID Power Issue!

HID conversion kits are no doubt extremely popular in the United States. There is an important point to consider when you are installing HID conversion kits is whether or not to opt for the relay harness to connect your HID conversion kit directly to the battery. You should know the advantage of using relay harness in improving the performance of HID headlights and increasing their lifespan.

Most people are confused about the benefits of relay harness wiring. Relay harness wiring connects your vehicle directly to the vehicle’s battery. This ensures that your HID light receives full voltage for optimal performance and stability of the headlights.

When the HID conversion kit is connected directly into the headlight panel socket, the car does not always provide full power required by the HID lights. The reason is that it has to power other electrical components like AC, GPRS and other electrical devices. This results in suboptimal performance of the HID headlight, which may even damage or burn critical components of the HID conversion kits. Let’s see how a relay harness fixes this power problem.

The main function of a relay harness is to connect the HID light directly to the car’s battery. This bypasses the car’s original wiring system and results in consistent and stable power that is fed to the HID headlight. A relay harness has the potential to solve all HID power related issues. Some of the issues that are resolved due to relay harness wiring include uneven lights, delayed start, and flickering of the HID light.

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Problem: Uneven Light Output

Sometimes the HID light that is connected to the car’s original wiring projects uneven brightness. The reason for this is that the HID light is not getting enough power from the car’s electrical wiring system. In this case, the power will go to the HID ballast that has less resistance while the other one will not receive the required power. The outcome is that the side that receives more power is brighter as compared to the one that receive less power.


An HID wiring relay harness will effectively solve this problem. It effectively boosts the power output, which results in consistent power that reaches both the headlights. The end result is that both the HID headlight project light of equal brightness.

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