Important Reasons to Have a Dog Harness

Our dogs love our company and we love theirs. Many people love to take their pets in the car whether it be to run errands, or even take them on long trips. But did you know that only 2% of dog owners actually buckle up their dog with a dog car harness while traveling with their dog? A dog car harness could save your pets life in case of a collision or if you have to slam on the brakes suddenly. We make sure that we buckle up ourselves and our children while in the car. So why not buckle up our dogs too? It just makes common sense yet so many people take this important travel safety advice very lightly.

An unrestrained dog in a car could become a flying missile in case of an accident or a sudden stop.

Imagine for a second driving with your dog and you get in an accident. How in the world is your dog going to stay put in the seat? You will if you are wearing a seat belt, but your dog will not. He’s going to fly forward by the sudden impact possibly getting killed or becoming extremely injured or even injuring you or your passengers. At an accident only at 30 miles per hour, a 60 pound dog can have the impact of roughly 2,500 pounds!

In case of an accident your frightened dog can flee the vehicle.

He could also become scared when the rescue workers come to your aid to try and help you. This could result in your dog not allowing them to do their job. Out of confusion, he may bark, try to bite the workers, or perhaps run out of the car. Now what if this accident took place on the freeway or a busy highway? Your dog that is scared and confused running along a busy freeway most likely will get hit by oncoming traffic. A dog harness will keep your pet secure in one place so the rescue workers can do their job.

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An unbuckled dog can cause very dangerous distractions that could cause an accident.

You might think it’s cute to have your dog sit on your lap while driving, but that’s a very unsafe and irresponsible thing to do. Not only are you putting your dog at risk by not being protected and buckled up, but you are also putting yourself and family members at risk of possibly getting into an accident because of a distraction while driving. Besides, it’s safer to have your dog sit in the backseat rather than the front. Airbags deploy at 140 miles per hour in a collision, and just like air bags being deadly for small children they can be deadly for dogs as well.

A dog car harness is safer than placing your dog in a crate in the car.

Crash tests have reported that upon impact those plastic crates that come with a top and bottom have been known to explode upon heavy impact by coming apart. Imagine a flying crate top and an unsecured dog flying through your car upon impact. It’s a no brainer that a dog car harness is the safer way to go.