How to Use an Herb Grinder?

In this post, I will present you with the key notes about grinding weed with your herb grinder.

Make sure all the components of the herb grinder are together and take the top off. Load the bottom section of the herb grinder with around 1/8 or 1/4 gram pieces of marijuana. You can cut up these pieces of weed with a pair of scissors. Make sure the pieces are placed between the bottom-half portion of the herb grinder’s teeth. Keep in mind not to include stems or seeds if you plan on rolling a joint or blunt with your cannabis since stems and seeds tend to burn unevenly as well as poke through your rolling medium.

Once you think you have enough weed in the herb grinder, put the top on and use one hand to turn either the top or bottom of the grinder and the other hand to turn the other end in the opposing direction. Depending on the quality of your herb grinder, you might have to keep it upright, so that nothing spills out.

You marijuana should be ready for rolling or toking after about 10 seconds of grinding. You can view your hashish resin by removing the top section and the filter screens. Herb grinders with more than one filter screen will be able to separate hashish resin into different qualities, the lowest quality being in the top filter and highest quality can be found in the bottom.

You should always make sure you bud is very dry before grinding. Wet weed won’t grind as well as dry weed. If you are using a pollinator, it is especially important that your weed is dry. If your weed is wet you will hardly catch any pollen/kief since it tends to stick to the sides of the grinder when it is wet.

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Cutting your marijuana into smaller pieces and placing between your herb grinder’s teeth will greatly reduce your grinding time and it will be less rough on the herb grinder itself.

If you have a pollinator, you may find it takes a while to accumulate your pollen/kief. On average, you will go through 1 to 3 ounces of weed to get 1 gram of hash resin. The key to getting the most out of your pollinator is to keep the filter clean. You can accomplish this by brushing its filter to clean with a small brush; tooth brushes or those tiny brushes that come in shaving kits work greatly. This will allow more kief to be filtered increasing your collected pollen.