Tips For Those Who Want To Open A Tshirt Store On The Internet

In the recent times, it has become fashionable among young people to think about running an online tshirt store. It seems simple, but it is still a business with all the steps that entail a successful business.

With my experience in personalization and sale of tshirts, I will help you to start this business with your ideas and study of the pros and cons so as to avoid any mistakes.

First of all, you have to think if you want to try to sell tshirts without complicating your life, or if you want to create a brand. You have to differentiate between the two types of online tshirts stores; the first is easy where you have a few designs in mind and want to win some customers without make difficulties in your life. Instead, if you are an entrepreneur and you think that you want to create a brand and sell your designs to win a huge clientele. Keep reading if you have the chosen the second way of doing business.

Who thinks of setting up this business is usually someone with training in design and with desire to make known his work and succeed like the famous designers.

Selling on the internet may seem easy as you build a website thinking that people will start placing orders, but it is not really that easy. Unfortunately, it is much more and, for the creative ones, success has to do more with marketing and management than with the quality of the designs.

Brand and Design

What brand will you use?
Do you have to register it?
What designs are you going to sell?
Who will make the designs?
What techniques will be used for customization of the garments?

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You must have clear answers to these questions.

Business Plan

Do you have enough resources in terms of money, space and time?

Legal Obligations

An online store is also like a traditional business where money is involved and there are a number of legal obligations that you have to comply with to run your business.


What are you going to sell i.e. funny tshirt, trend tshirt, cools tshirt and the like?
Who is the target audience?
What are your objective?
What presentation and label will you give for the product?
What price policy are you going to take?
What systems will you adopt for payment i.e. Visa, Paypal, cash on delivery, pre-transfer, etc.?


When we know what we want, we must select the providers. Negotiate prices, service, replenishments, delivery deadlines, etc. It is not bad to understand a little confection, serigraphy, transfer, vinyl, etc.


When the orders are placed, which way will you use to deliver the tshirts?
What will be the delivery terms?

You also have to think of managing the returns, changes of size and the like.

Advertising Process

This is one the toughest and crucial aspect to run your tshirt business. If you it in the right way, it is for sure that you will succeed in your business.