How to Choose a Password Which is Easy to Remember?

The most hacked access passwords are just the easiest and the obvious ones. Here I will share a few tips to protect your information on the web.

Always Be Different!

Do not use the same key in all your online accounts and websites. While it is easy to remember a single password, if someone discovers it, he or she can access all of your data available online.

Size Does Matter!

You are not supposed to use the short passwords. Ideally, choose one that has at least eight characters and it is even better if you it longer.

You can also take help of the password generator easy to remember available.

Unknown Data

Are you a fan of Ricky Martin? Well, do not try to use his name as your password. Neither your birthday, nor the date of your parents, children or life partner. It is possible that this data is related to your profile in some file and it is easy to associate. You can opt for something meaningful for you that is easy to remember and that is not obvious to the rest of the people.

Form a Unique Word

Do not use only the alphabet, instead, you are supposed to incorporate numbers, symbols and the characters such as @, $, &, # and !. The more complex password will be harder to decode for anyone who wants to hack your account. It is best advised that you choose words that are not in the dictionary, since there are systems of deciphering that work alphabetically.

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Say No to Common Words

You should avoid the use of usual words or phrases, especially those included in the list of the worst passwords.

One way to create a password that is difficult to hack and, in turn, you can only remember is to think of your favorite song or the saying that you like and use only the initials of each word. For example, for ‘The Best Thing About Me Is You’ will be shortened as ‘tbtamiy’. To this you can add some symbol or even change some letters by the numbers.

Forget and Related Questions

The online security specialists recommend not to use the related questions, since in general they are easy to decipher for the hackers. In case you have to choose the same, opt for the least obvious, and use a complicated answer, which does not respond completely to what you have been asked. And, if you can create your own question, it is even better.

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