How to Choose a Good Hardwood Floor Cleaner?

To get your new hardwood floor to keep looking new and resilient, you must find a good hardwood floor cleaner that is made especially for that purpose. The better care you give your floor and keep it dust and dirt free, the better it will resist scratches and stains that can cause it to dull and lose its natural beauty. Bona is one type of hardwood floor cleaner that is ranked high, especially by the professionals who clean hardwood floors regularly. You can learn more about Bona products.

Most of the hardwood floors today have a polyurethane finish. If yours is an older type of floor, you should know what type of finish it has in order to choose a product that is made for cleaning hardwood floors with that particular type of finish. Although there are some cleaners that claim to be for all types of hard surfaces, choosing a product like Bona that is made especially for hardwood floors will provide you with better results without doing any damage to the floor. Bona is a good hardwood floor cleaner that works on all types of wood floors and most finishes.

Some hardwood floor cleaners contain oils that leave a greasy residue behind. While they may add luster to your floor the first couple of times you use them, this residue will eventually build up into a mess that is difficult to remove! Another ingredient to avoid in your hardwood floor cleaner is wax. While it may sound like a good idea to apply wax to get your floor shiny, it will only cause problems down the road.

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Some hardwood floors also contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hardwood floor and can also be harmful to your children or pets that are frequently in the floor. This type of product is usually dangerous to the environment as well. Bona is a good hardwood floor cleaner that doesn’t contain toxins, oils and wax so that it not only produces a beautiful finish to your floor, but also one that is safe for the entire family and the planet!

You can use a vacuum to keep dirt off of your wood floor so that the dust and grit that is carried in won’t cause scratches as you walk across your floor. However, cleaning regularly with a good hardwood floor cleaner is essential for removing dirt that is trapped in the finish and getting the floor truly clean. The frequency with which you need to clean your floors with a good hardwood floor cleaner will depend on the amount of traffic you have in your home.

The beauty of a hardwood floor can last for many years and requires little maintenance. However, the only way to ensure that your floor doesn’t become scratched and dull is to provide it with the care it needs in order to keep it clean. Vacuum or dust mop with the tools made to use on hardwood floors regularly and remove and spills immediately so that they don’t cause stains. Never put large amounts of water on your hardwood floors so that it doesn’t swell.