Helpful Guidelines to Clean the Shower

In order to clean the shower of your home, you need brooms, brushes, detergent powders, medicated chemicals, acids and vinegar solutions. You must remember that the use of acid must be done only if the stain becomes too hard to remove. You must take proper precautions before using the acid in your shower. It is advisable to use a pair of hand gloves to protect your hands from getting irritations. However, it is always safe to make use of vinegar solution to remove the stain from the wash basin and bathtubs. You need to make a solution of red or white vinegar with water in the prescribed ratio and apply it with the help of a mop or a brush. It is safe as well as powerful way to remove the dirt and germs form your shower.

You must not forget the toilet mirror and the floor. You should use a soft detergent spray over the mirror and then rub it gently with a soft scrub. The floor must be cleaned with the help of a mild brush. In the end, you must use running water to clean all the accessories in the shower. If you hire a maid to clean your house, be sure to inform her well.

You are supposed to clean the bathtub and mirrors in a gentle manner. The mirror and the bathtub are probably the softest accessories in your shower. You need to take proper care of these two accessories from getting scratches. You can clean these two things with the help of medicated sprays and then rubbing them with gentle or soft scrubs. Remove the dirt or stains from the mirror and the bathtub with greater amount of patience.

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Besides using the chemicals and detergents as a shower cleaner, you can also make a solution of vinegar, alcohol, and water to clean the delicate items of bath fittings. This solution must be prepared according the prescribed ratios so that you can ignore making them too soft or hard for your purpose. It is always good to do all these cleanings putting hand gloves in your hand. They can help you saving your hands from any sort of irritation that may arise due to the use of the chemicals. Maintain the safety measures in a properly manner to enjoy the sparkling look of your shower.