Tips on Choosing Your First House and Land Package

If you want to live in a place close to some of the most awesome beaches, beachside culture, delicious food, outdoor adventure, and tons of sunshine, Sunshine Coast is the place to be. Sunshine Coast is home to awesome beaches such as Rainbow Beach, Peregian Beach, Coolum Beach, Mudjimba Beach, Alexandria Bay, and many more.

Owning a house in this place is not hard as you can buy one from many house and land packages sunshine coast available for sale.

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House and land package 

House developers use “house and land package” to describe a package deal, which includes a new house and the land where it is built. Many developers in Australia are offering these packages. However, each offer is different.

There are two different types of house and land package. A typical package is a pre-built house and land. The other package allows you to select a block of land and choose whether you want to customise your home or choose from the developer’s standard design. They call the second one, the “off the plan package.”

Both packages will give you a house that has passed the quality standards required by local, State, and Federal authorities. However, the workmanship and the materials vary depending on the package. Some customers would like to have luxury homes built and designed for an executive lifestyle, and some houses are designed for first-time buyers with a limited budget.

How to choose your first house and land package? 

With so many choices, you need to narrow the field down to make choosing easier. You can start by comparing the developers’ offers from the area you have chosen to live in.

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Once you have narrowed down your choices, you should check the developer’s reputation. It is best to check their track record and stay away from developers that have many complaints.

From the range of development choices in your chosen area, choose the one that is in the best location for you, and contact their sales department. Below is the four-stage process of selecting a house and land package:

  1. Once you have reached the sales department, talk to them about your budget and your needs. They will then show you a list of options within the range of your budget. If you want an off the plan package, you will be offered to check a display home. Otherwise, they will give you some tours on some of the homes within your range.
  2. If you have chosen the best home for you, then you can jump to stage four. However, if you want an off the plan or the standard designs did not satisfy your needs, tell it to the sales representative, and they should offer you customised layouts and designs.
  3. Once you have given your idea clearly and have discussed every detail to the sales rep, do not expect to get exactly what you see. Ask the rep if everything on the brochure is included, like landscaping, the granite kitchen top, or the relaxing covered patio on display.
  4. If you are now sure about the house that you want to buy, it is time to discuss home finance. Different finance plans are set for each type of house and land package. Usually, you will be asked to pay five per cent down payment on the house and the land. On the other hand, delayed payment options are commonly available for off the plan packages as you need to wait for your home to be built first.
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Having your first home should be easy through house and land packages in Sunshine Coast. All you need to do is choose the best area and decide the best type of package for you.

These simple tips should help you buy a house smoothly and stay in a place that you will surely love.

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