Can Fostering Be A Good Career Choice?

Anybody who desires to be a parent already has the heart to nurture and care for a child. Becoming a foster carer may actually not sound like career but it can turn out to be the most rewarding career choice.

Every child deserves t be in a happy and safe environment. Not every child gets such basic needs fulfilled. Many children do not have a family. The reasons for such unfortunate circumstances can be varied. But most or rather all the reasons are negative. It can impact the child deeply.

Children in foster care typically suffer from trauma and stress. They feel disconnected and dissociated from their surroundings. The worst condition is of siblings who get separated. Foster children often go through many traumatic experiences before they are finally laced in the foster system. The role of the carer to help them get back to the normal course of life becomes extremely crucial.

What Qualities Do You Need To Be A Foster Carer?

You do not need any special or technical expertise to become a foster carer. But if you are considering fostering for a career then getting some training is a good idea. With training from the right place you will be equipped to become a professional foster carer.

You will be equipped to deal with different mental makeup a child might be having. You will also have training on the essentials of child caring. You will be encouraged into developing insight on each child and what can be done in their best interest.

For any kind of job that we wish to peruse, we often develop and undergo skill training, similarly with fostering you will have to learn many new things.

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One additional quality you need is empathy. To raise a child in need, even as a career is no easy feat. You have to have a big heart and open up to a child who needs your help.


Being a professional foster carer will mean, you will have a child to care for. You will nurture the child and keep the child safe. You will develop a special bond with the child as an interim guardian. Many foster carer and child stay in touch for years. You will also get paid for this outstanding and significant job that you are taking upon.


Fostering, a job is by no means hassle-free. It comes with its fair share of trouble. One of the most common problems, most foster carer faces are they get afraid to let go. You must remember that fostering is not a permanent solution. When the child is moved, it is for his or her own betterment. It is ok to feel attached and miss them when they are removed. But be assured their interest will be taken care off.

There are many children in foster care who might be difficult to handle. Their behaviour gets greatly affected by the abuse and getting displaced from the biological family. At times it might be difficult for the foster carer to adapt to such needs.

Should You Consider Training?

With training on what to expect and how best to handle, the foster carer will be better equipped to deal with any situations. The training also equips a carer with ideas for many activities. Connecting with another carer will also help you understand fostering better.

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Foster care is a full-time job. You do not have fixed hours and your job is not fixed. Anything and everything a child may require is for you to take care of.

Starting The Journey

Once it is clear that you want foster care as your career, don’t be afraid to take the first step. Contact an agency to help you with the process. Any adult above the age of 21 years, irrespective of marital status or sexual orientation may become a foster carer.

Once your application is in place a background check will also be done. One prerequisite to consider is having a spare room. Talk with your family members and explain fostering to them as well. You need their full support to become a successful foster carer.


As a foster carer, you will be affecting the lives of the children who come under your supervision. Make sure to leave a positive impact on the children. You have the responsibility of making life hopeful and worthy enough for these children.

Nobody deserves to be away from their family, but unfortunately, children from a really early age can get exposed to the harsh reality of life by being alone. A foster carer can change that and give the children much deserved happiness.