5 Points to Know Before Buying a Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Several important things you need to know before buying a hardwood floor cleaner. Nothing adds value and beauty to your home more than a hardwood floor. They make your home look more spacious with a natural looking accent that looks good in any style of home. Hardwood floors also have the advantages of being easy to care for and they last for many years. Taking care of your floor and protecting the finish is important to prevent it from getting scratched and dull looking which can greatly diminish its appeal.

Choosing the right hardwood floor cleaner for your hardwood floor is an important step in providing the regular care it needs. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your floor is tough enough to take anything you throw at it. Choosing a cleaner should be based on more than the price alone. Getting a cleaner that is a few dollars more is a better deal than having to have your floor refinished when it becomes damaged from chemicals or abrasives! To make the best choice in a hardwood floor cleaner, these are some things you should know:

Always choose a cleaner that is made specifically for cleaning hardwood floors. Never choose a “multi-purpose” cleaner that claims to clean any surface. You should also avoid wood soap that often has harmful chemicals and can leave residues behind that will dull your floor. Keep in mind that your floor has a finish on top of the wood that needs to be cleaned with a cleaner that is formulated to get the best results without causing damage.
Stick with brand names. Even though a product may be labeled as a “hardwood floor cleaner”, off brands may substitute ingredients of lower quality so that they can sell them at a lower price. Popular brands like Bona Kemi, Bona X, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Parker-Bailey, and OrangeGlo that you can trust for quality are worth a higher price.

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Some good descriptions to see on the label of a hardwood floor cleaner include “environmentally friendly”, “leaves no residue”, and “non-toxic”. Not only is it important to your floor not to use products with harsh chemicals, but also that of your children and pets. Some ingredients might be harmful if inhaled while others pose a danger when they get on skin. Products that are made to be environmentally friendly are formulated to be safe for people and animals as well.

Not everyone realizes the importance of using the right tools with their cleaner in order to get the best results when cleaning their hardwood floor. Using a regular mop to apply the hardwood floor cleaner to your floor can allow for metal parts to come into contact with the floor surface which can lead to scratching. You might think that your cleanser is too harsh when, in fact, it is the mop or applicator that is too abrasive. Consider getting a kit that has the cleaner and the tools you need to apply it properly and safely.

Depending on the amount and kind of traffic on your floor, you may not have to clean it very often. In fact, for low traffic areas, the best cleaner for your floor is plain water. Damp mop your hardwood floor in between cleanings to keep dust and grime off of it so that it doesn’t get ground in.

When you choose a cleaner for your hardwood floor, think of it as an investment that will keep your floor looking at its best for years to come. Making an educated choice is the best way to ensure you get quality results. Treat your floor to the best hardwood floor cleaner and your floor will thank you for it.

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