7 Tips for Planning Great Girls’ Weekend Getaways

You and your girls are probably the winning teams. You share secrets, know things about each other, and always have each other’s back. And that’s amazing, because that’s what friends are for. But, there always comes a time when you should go away for a weekend with your besties. Whether it’s in order to celebrate something, or there’s no obvious reason, organizing a girls’ weekend trip can be a bit hectic, therefore, here are some useful tips that will help you plan everything.

Make sure everyone has a say

If you’re the chief of organizing, then you definitely have the most work to do. But, even then, it’s of utmost importance that everyone has a say, especially if the group consists of multiple women. In case collecting all info presents too much work, you can always use online surveys where every girl will be able to vote and has a say regarding specific trip details, such as accommodation and daily activities.

Don’t have too many options

Sometimes, indecisiveness is the biggest joy killer, so if you present your girls with too many options, that may cause some rifts in the group. Disagreements often happen, and if you’re in charge of planning the whole event, then it’s also up to you to make sure everyone gets along when it comes to options related to the trip. Such options include accommodation, sightseeing, and possibly the overall budget.

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Find suitable accommodation

Choosing accommodation for a girl’s trip can be tricky, therefore, it’s important to ensure everyone’s on board. Your ideal choice of accommodation should promote the idea of unity and togetherness, so it’s best to find a space that promotes such values. Therefore, a furnished studio apartment is a great idea, as it allows you to use the communal area to prepare breakfast in the morning and spend some quality time together when you’re not outside exploring. There are many advantages to this type of accommodation, especially compared to traditional hotels that are often too pricey and limiting.

Plan activities, but be flexible

When you plan activities for a girl’s weekend trip, it’s essential to be flexible, mainly when it comes to other members of your group. So, make sure to plan some activities, but also leave room for adjustments. Remember that others should also have a say, especially if your plan involves activities that may not be suitable for everybody, such as sports and hiking. Some might prefer to go shopping while others might enjoy visiting museums, and it’s important to acknowledge everyone’s plans and find a way to include them, so they’ll feel welcome. Meanwhile, if you really want everyone to remember your getaways, we recommend you to play silly with your friends and use this prank call app.

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Organize travel insurance

A weekend getaway might not be too long, but you and your girls still need to be safe and protected, therefore, you should also organize travel insurance, mainly if you plan to partake in activities like skiing and paragliding. These types of activities are thrilling for sure, but they can also be risky, therefore, make sure that everyone’s covered in case of an accident. Thinking about these things might not be your priority when planning a trip, but it’s highly important to make sure everyone’s protected, even only for two days.

Try new things

If you feel a bit adventurous, then trying new things is a fun way to spend a girl’s weekend together. However, again, make sure that everyone’s on board, and if not, then give them alternatives, so they won’t have to string along doing things they don’t care about. Visiting an escape room, or trying new dishes in a foreign restaurant are also fun activities that are worth considering. Staying in and ordering food is great, but that is best saved for your last night after you’ve exhausted all other options.

Don’t forget about equality and fairness

We’ve already mentioned the importance of flexibility when planning activities, but you should also make sure that everyone feels included and appreciated. That way, you can also avoid potential misunderstandings, which can make the trip much more enjoyable and fun. For example, if one friend is vegan, and others are not, it’s important to include a vegan friend when eating out. Picking a restaurant that has vegan options is a great example of being inclusive and fair in this type of situation.

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A weekend girls’ getaway is a fun way to spend time with your best friends, and these tips will surely help you organize the trip while keeping things fair and balanced. Just remember to include everyone, and make sure to keep things safe and fair, so you and your girls will be able to have fun and enjoy the trip.