5 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners on a Budget

There are different kinds of pencils sharpeners that are present in market today, so you must get one that is according to your needs, as nothing else can help you. Here I have some of the best pencil sharpeners that you can buy from. So let’s see the different options.

1 – X-ACTO High Volume

It has 6 options of sharpening the pencils; it is very easy to use. This electric sharpener is very light in weight, as normally many electric sharpeners are not that much light in weight. You can choose this one in different colors. It also has a fan that helps to keep the motor clean. It has a solid metal body that is long lasting.

2 – Bostitch SuperPro 6

If you are looking for the best one in the lowest budget, you must get this one. Not only it is nice in its look, but also has many features. With the help of this one, you can sharpen many different pencils as this is the perfect gift for a person whose work is mostly connected with the use of pencils.

3 – Evergreen Art 

If you are looking to get different kinds of sharpened pencils, you must get this one. It has blunt tip, medium and sharp setting. You can sharpen pencils of lead with colored pencils also. You can also plug this one into wall, this is best for office, home or school use. As, number of people can use it.

4 – Tripworthy Electric Pencil Sharpener

It has the longest battery life, it will surely last you for years. It is very light on the budget also. You can sharpen different pencils in this one. It has very strong blades, and with it you can easily sharpen 2 pencils at one time. It also has a huge place where you can keep the extra shavings. It also comes with a USB wire, which can charge it and after that you can use it for longer time.

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5 – X-Acto SharpX Principal 

It is more like a time piece; the look of this pencil sharpener is very nice. You get an adjustable sizing dial through which you can change the level of sharpness of your pencil. It is very light and can hold a good amount of pencil shavings also.

There are other brands also, from which you can choose the best electric pencil sharpener.