5 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners under $15

If you are willing to get the best work results from your pencils in the art work you do, the best thing you can do is get the electric pencil sharpener. Here I have the best electric pencil sharpeners for you that are best and light on budget also.

1 – Tripworthy battery operated

It is not only light in weight but is also multipurpose. You can sharpen different kinds of pencils in it, and with this you also get the option of changing the sharpness of pencils from blunt to very sharp. This is like the perfect gift for someone whose work includes the use of pencils lot. It is high in speed and very efficient.

2 – School Smart Electric Heavy-Duty

It is small in size, portable and comes with a long lasting battery, so you don’t have to charge or replace the battery every day. This is best for a group of people, as it is fast in work and the blades are sharp. With this you can sharp 2 pencils at once also, so you save time as well. Good for long term projects.

3 – QuietSharp 6

It has a long life battery, and comes with a USB wire from which you can charge it. You don’t have to charge it every day, due to the high quality battery it has. It has two sharpening holes, from which you can sharpen 2 pencils at once. It is very easy to use and is break free.

4 – X-ACTO High Volume

This one has very sharp blades, so you know that you get the perfect pencil every time you use it. This is light in weight and comes with different settings that allows its users to choose the pencils sharpness without holding the pencils at a certain angle and wasting time. It has a compartment, where the pencils shavings are saved, and it can store up to 30 shavings of pencils.

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5 – Bostitch SuperPro 6

This one is very cheap, and has many features that you might not find in electric sharpeners of different brands. It has 6 different holes that are specially designed so you can sharpen different kinds of pencils in it. It can only sharpen one pencil at a time.

In my experience I have found these 5 electric pencil sharpener as the best ones and I am sure will find them useful too.