2 Best Long Lasting Deck Paints

This is fact that we all love the hard feeling of wood under our feet every time we are getting in our house, but the weird thing is that many people actually do not know about that. The wood deck is the sign of the vigilance of the owner and at the same time guarantees a good, long and healthy life of the deck just like any other part of the home. You must know that the original wood decks are very sensitive to weather, and in such case it is very important to take their well care, and there is only one thing that can do this, and that is the use of deck paint. Following are some of the best deck paints in 2017 that you must choose from.

Rust-Oleum Painters (Latex)

When it is about the wood paints, one brand that is famous on industrial level is Rust-Oleum Painters, there products are genuine, and are long lasting. Which means that you also save some money, which is a dream come true. It gives a great look and adds luster and smoothness to the wood of the deck. It also works like a great weather shield and so fulfills the purpose of weather protection too.

It provides a complete chip resistant look to deck, so you can keep using that in its best look for years to come. And you don’t have to spend money again and again on it. It is oil based, so all you have to do is just get some water and soap in order to clean the surface of the deck.

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Diamond Brite 

This Diamond Brite also prevents your deck wood from cracking, chipping and peeling. It also possesses UV resistant which protects your wood from sunlight. However, with multiple varieties of colors available, this paint is a high point and quality that you can’t generally look in other brands.

There are different shades available in this paint also, so you get some choice, as some people like a tanner look while some only want to go with the natural one. Moreover, this paint is not only designed for wood decks, in fact, they work perfectly on any metal, plaster and masonry decks. By far this could be the real option for you to paint your deck with.

For more attractive appearance, use lighter paints for deck boards with heavier pigmentation in order to highlight the natural color of the wood. It is recommended to renew the rotten deck and then paint it.