What Primers & Paints Should Be Used for a Log House?

Depending on the weather conditions and according to the type of home use, you should always choose the most durable primers and paints for the exterior and interior of your log house.


The percentage of light that is reflected is called the brightness of the paint. How is it relevant to the quality of the luster painting? The higher gloss levels in the paint would indicate that it is highly stain resistant and also offers durability. There are different types of glosses such as flat, glossy, and semi-glossy, flat and glossy are minimal and at the top.


Paints with this nature would lead to highly reflective surface when applied. Bright solvent-based paints would be difficult because they tend to be more resistant to stains and are very durable. Because these paints are very easy to clean, they can be applied in areas where the traffic would be quite high resulting in the accumulation of dust and smoke in the first outer layers.


Despite the same features as high durability and perfect stain resistance, they are not similar to overlook, as they are less bright. This would be good in several places like children in the rooms, corridors, kitchens and bathrooms.


This comes third in the list indicating that it gives a low gloss finish although it is easy to clean and also offers good stain resistance. The best places where it can be used are dining rooms and game rooms.


Although this is not seen in the primary classification of the paints, it still plays an important role since it tends to be smooth. However, the final splendor would be low and, therefore, would have been applied by the individual only in areas such as dining room, study and bedroom.

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Oil Based Glazes

The traditional type of products are available in the market today for the application of both inside and outside. The main drawback with them is that they will turn yellow when used inside. They are not very flexible in nature, besides being so resistant to abrasion that makes them suitable only for wetlands. The best part of this is frequent and easy cleaning of the surface. If you have to use these paints, the gloss version would be better for the interior and semi-gloss would look good on the outside.

As you have acquired a broad knowledge about the features of the paints and primers to use for your log house, you should now be able to decide what to choose for your new log home.