People often move to a different state or another city. You may think changing your residence within the same apartment complex won’t be difficult. But when was moving ever so simple? Shifting to another apartment still has its difficulties and challenges. Even if you move a short distance, you have to carry your luggage and have new neighbors. But a few tips enable you to overcome these obstacles and move successfully. So, let’s review some of these ideas, shall we?


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  • Update your tenant’s insurance: –

Otherwise known as the renter’s insurance, this policy covers unexpected dangers a resident can face. If your property gets stolen or damaged by fire, this insurance will bear the cost of restoring it. Typically, it moves when you change the apartment. But it’s recommended to contact the company beforehand and let them know you’re switching units. Sometimes, all you’re required to do is to change your address. Some agencies even insure your belongings while you’re moving.

  • Talk to the landlord: –

Discuss your plans with the landlord/landlady. He/she can tell you if there’s a vacant unit in the apartment complex. Is there a waiting list for the apartment? Do you need to pass another round of tenant screening? What’ll happen with your parking space? The property manager will answer all these questions to curb any confusion you might have about moving. Then you can sign a lease or let the manager modify the current one. The next step is to measure the new unit.

  • Measure and then move: –
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A short-distance move enables you to investigate your future residence. You can frequently visit the vacant apartment (and with the tenant’s permission if occupied). A study of the available space helps you predict whether your furniture will fit in the new unit. Is it even physically possible for your stuff to go through the gates? So, occasional trips to the newfound place allow you to measure doors, staircases, and hallways. These measurements make the transition easier.

  • Pack your stuff: –

Don’t ever think that moving upstairs/downstairs doesn’t require immediate packing. Collect boxes and cartons to pack your belongings. Finish packing your rooms one at a time. Call your friends to help you transport these items. Use this opportunity to declutter your home. You can dump all the unwanted items in a self-storage unit. If you live in Colorado, find some decent storage in Fort Collins and avail the best services. Try selling/donating things you’ve decided not to keep anywhere. How about holding a little yard sale? Some people check out Facebook Marketplace to get rid of their garbage. Decluttering helps to decrease the load you need to carry and place inside the new apartment.

  • Cancel your utilities: –

You need to cancel your utility accounts and reset them in the new apartment. It seems like an unnecessary responsibility, but there’s no shortcut here. You need to call your cable, phone, internet, and utility providers to schedule a cancellation. Then you must transfer them to the unit you’re moving in. These utilities include the gas, water, and electric supplies to your home. The trick is to cancel utilities after moving out and renewing them before entering the new place.

  • Clean and repair the unit: –
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And here we’re talking about the place you’re leaving. It’s a courtesy to leave the old unit the way it was before you moved in. So, hire a professional for a deep cleaning once your stuff gets transported. Paint the walls back to the original color. Hire a maintenance specialist and a technician to fix any damage your place has sustained. Some landlords require tenants to scrub the floor and clean the carpets before they leave. And, sure, you get a deep-cleaned new unit in return!

  • Change your address: –

In the end, you must change your address and notify everyone that you’ve switched units. You don’t want your contacts knocking at the wrong door and getting yelled at by the new tenant. Make your move official and finalized by putting up the new address to your new apartment. Let the post office and your office buddies know about moving too. A quick email will do the honors. Don’t forget to update your social media accounts without putting the actual address.


Switching residence within your apartment complex has both its benefits and drawbacks. Nevertheless, it’s easier and costs less than a regular house change. You need to notify your landlord about your plans to rent a vacant unit. Conducting brief research generates exciting results for new neighbors. People switch units due to multiple reasons, and you might be welcoming a new family member. Your financial situation might compel you to acquire a cheaper place. What you don’t need while you move is all the hassle associated with this procedure. If you have discovered the perfect apartment just upstairs, don’t hesitate. Just remember the tips and make the “move.”

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