What is a Sprinkler Irrigation System?

It is a system of irrigation that tries to imitate the rain. That is to say, the water destined for irrigation is sent to the plants by means of pipes and by means of sprayers, called sprinklers and, thanks to a determined pressure, the water rises, so that soon it drops pulverized or in drops form on the surface you want to water.

Sprinkler irrigation is one of the most important irrigation systems. It plays a very important quantitative role within the national irrigation sector, so it is necessary to have reliable information on the operation of the sprinklers, which are responsible for distributing the water with sufficient uniformity on the ground. There are many different ways of classifying sprinklers and spray systems. It this post, document, we will give some useful information about sprinkler irrigation system.

To get a good sprinkler irrigation system, the following elements are necessary;

Pressure in the Water

It is necessary for two reasons, the distribution network is multiplied in proportion to the surface that we must water and taking into account that the water must arrive at the same time and the same pressure to the mouths where the diffusion mechanisms are to achieve uniform irrigation. The second reason is that the water pressure must be able to start all the sprinklers at the same time either fixed or mobile. In the event that the mains pressure is insufficient, a motor must be installed which gives sufficient pressure from the tank to the sprinklers.

Pipeline Network

In general, the pipeline network that conducts water through the surface to be irrigated is composed of feed branches that lead the main water to supply the secondary branches that connect directly to the irrigation sprinklers. All this supposes an adequate technical study since the success of the installation will depend on it.

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Suitable Sprinklers

The most used in agriculture are rotating sprinklers because they rotate around their axis and allow irrigation of a circular surface driven by water pressure, although in the market, there are various functions and different ranges available. They are a very important part of the equipment of sprinkler irrigation system, therefore, the model, type of rain and reach should be a part of the technical study.

Components of Sprinkler

The minimum components that a sprinkler irrigation system must have are as follows;

Pumping unit
Main pipes
Control and regulation elements
Lateral pipe or irrigation branch


It adapts to the different doses of irrigation required.
No leveling required as it facilitates mechanization in general.
It is easy to automate.
It usually allows the treatment with fertilizers and phytosanitary.


You can wash some treatments if your programming is not taken care of.
It could have poor uniformity in the distribution due to the action of strong winds.
It has a high initial investment cost, maintenance and operation if it is not well designed.