What are the Types of Solar Lights for Outdoors?

Proper lighting is the best way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces. However, choosing the wrong lights can ruin the atmosphere. Knowing what types of lights are best for your garden is of great importance. Your dream of walking in your garden at sunset while the lights that light up and the breeze blowing softly on your face can now come true. You just need to know what and how you should get the best lights with minimal energy cost.

The exterior lights as well as for decorative purposes are placed for safety reasons. When the days get shorter, especially during the winter, this type of lighting can make the days appear longer while radically changing the setting of the places where they are installed. With proper planning, you can make the lighting transform your exteriors into the ideal place to receive your guests. There are different types of exterior lighting which can be divided into four categories.

Safety Lights

These lights serve to illuminate the most vulnerable areas of the house. It is advisable not to place them of much traffic since they are activated with the movement and if there are constantly people passing, its light can distract and annoy. A device may also be installed to program the lights to turn on and off automatically.

Signaling Lights

They serve to indicate a specific objective such as to indicate steps or corridors. They are between the person and a particular object that needs to be illuminated. That is why they are not too bright and their function is not to illuminate but to guide and point.

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Accent Lights

They serve to set a place or highlight a particular object such as a statue. They look great if placed between the object and a wall or fence. In the end, the set of general lights along with those of accent, create a unique atmosphere where you feel at ease.

Moon and Star Lights

You can also imitate the moonlight on a starry night. For that you must place some lights in the trees and direct them down, so that it passes between the branches as would the moonlight. To do this, you have to place small lights in the branches of the trees to create the effect of dots of light. You can also use scattered candles all over the place.

No matter what type of lights you want, remember not to abuse this feature. Do not install lights where they are not really needed or at least try to dim them using less wattage bulbs. Another tip is not to place the lights in a straight line as in the corridors of airports, which is a very common mistake.

You should try to avoid the yellow lights. They are not good for people or plants. Instead look for lights within the blue-white spectrum or get blue filters that simulate natural color of the blue sky. The lamps should always be placed in an easily accessible place to change the lamps without problem. Once all the lights are ready, turn them on to enjoy an illuminated night. To check out the best collection of solar lights for outdoors, please visit Solar and Digital.

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