What Are The Available Options For Packaging?

When any stuff is required to be transported from one place to another, the right choice of packaging plays a highly important role, especially in case of sensitive and breakable medical equipment.

Laminated PVC Folio

Food, Laminated PVC/PET Folio makes sure the healthy and long shelf life and also ensures the long time freshness of the foods. Olive, meat products, mealy products, white meat products, sea foods and milk products reach to the consumers with long shelf life as healthy and fresh by means of PE/EVOH Laminated PVC Folio or PET Folio.

PLA Folio

These products can also perish in a short time without causing any damage to the nature. PLA Folio raw material of which is completely formed of corn plant is the product of future. Packing,Thermoform products produced from PLA Folio become specially the packing material of electronic products and coffee/beer glasses that their added value is high also visit this website for more details https://cwrresources.com/

PET Folio

It is new generation of the product of packing world and it is rapidly advancing on being indispensable product of food sector. Many food product packaging like butter, honey, jam and chocolate separator packing is made of PET Folio. Water glasses are highly consumed in water sector are produced from PET Folio. There are many products like cylindrical and square boxes, metalized chocolate separators, textile packages are currently produced from PET Folio.

PS Folio

It is specially used for olive, milk products and similar products. It is also the basic product from which double color production is made and yogurt containers are produced.

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Bio Degradable PP Folio

The recent developments in packing technology have brought in the environmental solutions as well. In parallel with the development of environmental consciousness in our day, packing products that do not cause environmental harm have gained more and more importance.

PVC Folio for Medicine

It sustains the feature of being Rigid PVC Folio primer package and it is used in blister package in medicine industry. Rigid PVC Folio is used at a wide scale covering the packaging from jam to cream chocolate, from cheese to butter and it is an indispensable packing product of food industry as a product contacting the food. It is an excellent product which can easily be used in many areas in packing sector like thermoform, cylindrical-square box, board for printing and shirt collar band.

Software traceability is capable of recording and trace products along the internal or external supply chain, and package them into a readable format and prepare to be managed by the software itself or in response to a request of service. The development of solutions for the control of traceability has been developed for the following;

  • The efforts of the government to control the quality of the product which reaches to the end user to create the relevant legislation.
  • Business needs for real-time information in order to retain customers
  • Technological development in computing platforms and technology for product identification and obtain information on the extent of their movements

GS1 has developed, as a result of requirements from different international groups, a number of guidelines and recommendations on the implementation of the Global EAN.UCC standards in global traceability tasks for different industry sectors.

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In the recent years, they have created multiple regulations and legislation on traceability bodies in the European Union, and the FDA in the United States among others.

For traceability software for packaging, the difficulty is that there is no pattern of packaging and data exchange between any of them, so that the requirements of these regulations are different from each other, which causes the production of a product that must meet different regulations depending on the country to which it is intended for.

To discuss the data, you have to register a traceability software in order to find the trace of a product and look at the ability to reconstruct the history. Therefore, you know the data in real time;

  • Raw materials, with corresponding batch codes, dates and features
  • Manufacturing conditions, shifts, operators and machines
  • Storage conditions, especially in cold chains and others
  • Packaging used in contact with the product
  • Transporters, distributors and distribution centers
  • Completion dates of each trace

All the data is essential for a particular sector and it must be associated with the batch or product handling with corresponding coding. The traceability software should be able to relate and prepare for exploitation.

Although there are no general regulations issued by the administration to form the bundling of the registered information, the current software information is possible to establish layers at various levels, which facilitates data collection for registration.

What does exist is a system of transmission of information between companies or organizations that have electronic methods such as Electronic Data Interchange, barcodes such as GS1-128, RFID electronic chip or EPC code.

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