What Are The Types Of Irrigation Systems For Lawns?

There are a different types of irrigation systems for lawns such as sprinklers, diffuses or hose.


The sprinklers throw the water at a distance of more than 6 meters, which depends on whether they have more or less pressure and the type of nozzle in the sprinkler.

The sprinklers can be of the emergent type, which rise from the ground when they are put to water and when to retract, and there is not no problem if you move the mower over. We also have sprinklers that attach to the end of a hose and are punctured and moved from one place to another. To get the best sprinkler irrigation Scottsdale,


They are like sprinklers, but they are smaller. They throw the water at a distance between 3 and 5 meters. Because of this, they are used for small areas. Therefore, sprinklers are used to irrigate the surfaces larger than 6 meters and diffusers for the small surfaces. The diffusers are always emerging.


Watering with a hose means having it in your hand for many, many hours. For a lawn, it is clear that it is the worst system. In addition, it is not obtained with a good uniformity, to places it can drop more water than the others. However, many people like to water with a hose.

Automatic watering

You can also install a fully automatic irrigation system in your garden before planting the lawn. There will be no hoses, nothing to be opening and closing the keys. It is more expensive, of course, but in the long run you are happy and it is worth it.

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Automatic irrigation goes, as the name implies, alone. You program it from time to time and it alone opens and closes the watering on the days of the week that you indicate and at the time that you prefer.

The automatic irrigation system with bore casing consists of sprinklers and/or diffusers, solenoid valves, a programmer and other elements.

Sprinklers and/or diffusers and the solenoid valves open or close, but we do not open them by hand, but it is the programmer that gives the order to open e.g. at 7 o’clock and close e.g. at 7:20 hours.

The Programmer

It is a device in which we indicate the days of the week that we want to water the lawn such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday and how long each time we water i.e. on Monday we put it from 6:00 to 6:15 and so on.

Other Elements

The pipes made of polyethylene or PVC, parts such i.e. elbows, tees, cables from the programmer to solenoid valves and chests for said solenoid valves.