Pros & Cons of Using Hydroseeding to Plant Grass Seed

The effective and easy means provided by hydroseeding is becoming more and more popular in seed planting. Learning how to plant grass seed through this method will be a great change for you. It is a process where the materials in planting seeds aside from soil are mixed together in a tank and then planted onto the area you have prepared. The fiber mulch which is an ingredient a part of the mixture makes a bond between the soil and the seed. It also creates some sort of a blanket over the seed allowing moisture to retain better. The mulch will then decompose as the seed germinates and then it adds more nutrients into the soil.

Just like any other process, there are pros and cons to hydroseeding. The good side of it is that if you have a wide area to plant with, this process can make the task easily achieved in a short amount of time. This is a great method to plant quickly especially on hillsides where grasses are used to avoid any erosion. Compared to using sod in grass planting, this method is a lot cheaper but costs more than regular seed planting. Hydroseeding provides a high rate of germination where the grass can be produced in a week. This is due to the fiber mulch mixed that helps in germinating the seeds quickly.

The bad side of hydroseeding is that it is limited when it comes to the varieties of grasses and on the fertilizers. Just like any method it should be done in times before a season where grasses are at best.

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Preparations to Plant Grass Seed by Hydroseeding

If you still want to push through with using the method you will first need to do some bit of preparation before you actually get to plant.

The soil should be prepared just as you would do it in other methods of planting. Make sure that the soil is in good condition before the mixture is applied.

Money will be involved so have someone from a hydroseeding company visit your area and do an estimate on the cost. This will also be a good time for you to ask about the seed they provide and the mixture that comes along with it.

There may be some instructions from the company that you need to do prior to seed application. If none is given, give your area a last look before the planting.

After the process is over, you should follow the instructions given to you by the company.

It will only take about a week before the germination starts and the maintenance process in 3-4 weeks. Any form of uneven growth in your area must be quickly reported to the hydroseeding company. This will allow them to respond to the concern right away. Constant monitoring is advised and a lot of patience is needed. Please, click here to learn about the best brands of grass seeds.