Does the GIA Sell Diamonds?

If you are relatively new to the world of diamond buying, then you might not know the ins and outs of the industry. When it comes to the very best, the facts are that GIA certified diamonds are the way to go. Certification from the GIA gemological laboratory is widely accepted to represent the absolute gold standard in diamond grading and other gemstones. GIA laboratories can be found all over the world wherever diamonds are found and sold, and they are always staffed by leading expert gemologists and diamond graders to ensure levels of quality. With that in mind, you might be wondering where exactly such diamonds can be purchased. Does the GIA sell diamonds themselves? Here is everything you need to know.

Sell Diamonds

The simple answer to the question of whether the GIA actually sells diamonds for themselves is no.

The GIA does not mine diamonds, and nor does it trade, buy or sell them in any commercial capacity. It also does not appraise diamonds and isn’t involved or affiliated with diamond pricing or valuation in any way.

Essentially, the GIA operates within the diamond industry, but outside of any of the commercial interests that make up the main face of it.

The way that the GIA stays separate from all of these commercial aspects of the diamond industry means that it is able to remain completely objective and unbiased as an organization. The job of the GIA is to provide fair and neutral assessment of diamonds to assign them the markers of quality that they deserve without assigning a monetary valuation.

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So, where do you get certified diamonds if you can’t buy them from the GIA itself? The answer is another simple one, and it is from one of a large number of reputable buyers who have a good standing within the diamond community.

There are no specific locations or institutions that are better for buying GIA diamonds than any others, the key to making sure that you are getting what you believe you are paying for is requesting the proof of documentation and certification that will come along with a stone that has been certified and approved by the GIA.

Of course, it is always more advisable to go through a sale from a professional diamond retailer rather than a private sale, as you can be much more comfortable with the authenticity of the certifications that are being promised. Unfortunately, there is a bustling business of fake GIA certification that is mostly prevalent in the private selling and buying market, so if you want to avoid this as much as you can, always opt for a well-known retailer that has a rich history in the selling and trading of diamonds.

The more official the route you opt to go down to procure your diamonds, the more secure you can feel with the money that you are paying and the truth of the quality that you are getting in return. You would be amazed by the level of forgeries that some people can be fooled by!

The GIA provides assurance for professionals in the industry and gives peace of mind to customers.

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