Does Leather Make The Best Dog Harness?

A leather dog harness has one basic function; to give its owner the ability to keep his or her favorite four-legged friend close at hand and out of trouble. When combined with a leash, it allows anyone to walk the dog and keep it away from danger or from troublesome situations with other people or animals. Many pet owners decide to go with the classic, leather, that adds both comfort and style to your dog.

Leather dog harnesses are great choices because they are strong enough to keep your dog close by even if it tries to dart into the street as it is durable enough to withstand a lot of punishment with little maintenance, and comfortable enough to sit firmly but securely on your dog’s neck. It’s a natural material that has the breathability to stay comfortable in any whether, which your dog will appreciate on hot summer days.

Once you’ve decided on leather, there are plenty of choices available. A rolled leather dog collar, for example, is the most comfortable option for many long-haired dogs. Rolled leather dog harnesses sit comfortably on the neck and won’t chafe at the skin and cause fur to wear off because of the friction, which is sometimes a hazard with other types of dog harnesses. Other popular styles include the classic bridle leather harness that smacks of genteel charm, the braided leather dog collar that can allow multiple colors, and the spiked leather harness that connotes toughness even if it’s pink and resting on the neck of a little lapdog.

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Leather dog harnesses also come in many colors. There’s the traditional brown, and black is always in style. For those looking to make more of a fashion statement, a red leather dog collar or a pink leather dog collar may be the way to go.

Another attribute of a leather dog harness is the level of customization possible. There are countless places to purchase a custom leather dog harness, and the possibilities are limitless for what can be done. Want a rhinestone leather dog harness? Or a personalized leather dog harness with your pet’s name engraved? It’s as easy as a few minutes’ worth of shopping and some clicks of the mouse.