Carpets and Health – The Importance of Professional Cleaning

We live in a world that is increasingly more dangerous. It is true that we now look around us for danger. We are filled with fear, we wear masks and distance ourselves from other human beings. We are afraid to touch friends and family without a spray of disinfectant. But – have we thought about the harm that might be part and parcel of our daily lives within our own homes?


Take, for example, our carpets. Those lush pile carpets that make every single evening such a pleasure no matter the weather. Those very lush piles and fibers can not only shelter every step that we rake, but they can also shelter some of the organisms that can have a direct impact on our quality of life.

Let’s take for example Dust mites. You may not realize it but on average one million dust mites are feeding off your skin every single day – and much of that dead skin lands up on your carpet. So that wonderful fluffy stuff that you are walking on with your toes exposed is actually pieces of you with living organisms growing and breeding under your feet.

Now, it might be tempting to deal with the problem yourself, after all those nee age vacuum cleaners seem to have all the filters that will make those mites and the stuff that they feed off simply disappear. However, this is not the truth. No matter how advanced the vacuum cleaner that you have purchased there is simply no way that it will mirror the services of a professional deep cleaning carpet service.

The reasons for this are fairly obvious to anyone who has seen these professionals set up for the job at hand. There are chemicals and equipment that are simply not available to those of us who do not undertake these sorts of cleaning services for a living. Using over the counter cleaning solutions will not get the job done – the number of pests and other contaminants that are part and parcel of deep carpeting is staggering. Add to the normal problems that we may not be aware of when we have carpeting in our homes there are also pets and children. Each of these is beloved parts of the household – but each brings in their own fair share of contaminants that can not only affect the look and feel of any living space – but also the heath of those who call the house a home.

When it comes to health and happiness and deep cleaning carpets there can only be one solution – and that is to bring in the professionals. It is not only their thought and years of experience that will provide any family with peace of mind but also the equipment and approach that gives any homeowner the ideal night’s sleep that comes from knowing that you have been dealing with professionals that know-how and why they should get the job done on time and on budget. 

Get it done right – your carpets will look great and the health of your family will be assured.

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