4 Hoverboards with Bluetooth Technology

Hoverboards are in the talks these days, and no doubt they are the best devices to have fun with. There are so many different brands making them and introduce the latest features in order to attract the customers. One of the best features nowadays found in the hoverboards is the Bluetooth. Yes, you heard it right, now you can get a Bluetooth Hoverboards. Here we will see the best models of Bluetooth hoverboards.
1 – Bluetooth Hoverboard with LED Lights Electric Scooter
This machine takes more time for charging which can be 4 to 6 hours. It is available with 6.5inch wheel diameter. It covers distance of 10 to 15 kilometers with speed of 10 kilometers/h on per charge. It has ability of climbing up to 15 degree angle and it is capable of bearing 120 kg weight.
2 – Skque X1
It has LED lights and Bluetooth speakers, which makes using this one better as compared to other ones. You get a unique experience when you are riding this one. It is a little bit higher on the price tag, but in the price you pay for this one, you really get lots of great features that are not available in other brands. It can run 12 miles once you charge it completely.
3 – Hoverzon XLS
You get this one in $450, and you may think it is very expensive, but once you know all the features it can provide you with, you will surely buy this one. It has LED lights that are both placed on front and back of it. It has many fancy features such as Bluetooth speakers, where you can play the sound you like while you are riding this wonderful device. It comes in many different colors, so you get many options to choose from. It has anti-slip pedal which ensures that you are safe when you are riding it. It is best suited for the long run, as it will last for years and you will not want to leave it for any new model.
4 – Swagtron T3
It is one of the best one you can buy. It has 3 different models from which you can make your choice, and T3 is the best one. It has the best LED lights that give it a look that is out of this world. It has swag on its hood, and you can play your songs on this one with Bluetooth. It is easy and light in weight to use, so you can carry this at any place you want.
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