3 Tips to Choose the Best Deck Paints

I – The Types

The deck paint comes in two basic forms as acrylic water based and oil based. The first type can chip off after some time for the reason that it covers only the surface and does not penetrate the wood. The oil does penetrate the wood, but they tend to fade off after some time, so washing the deck frequently can be potentially harmful. Wood paint can also be quite slippery when wet, and hides the natural beauty of the wood. All in all, it is a price you should be willing to pay, if you want to enjoy the luxury of a clean deck for a long time.

II – The Color

Color is an important factor because it is what separates paint from the wood stains. The luxury of having a wide range of colors to choose from is something only wood paints offer. So the brand chosen should offer a wide range of colors, so you can also try to replicate the original color of the wood.

III – The Usage

This includes the arduous application process and maintenance. Water acrylic based paints have the advantage that they can be washed easily with water and soap, while oil based paints tend to lose their color with time if they experience too frequent washings. They also are easier to apply, and dry quickly as compared to the oil based paints. But when they start to chip off, they pose a much tiresome problem than the fading away of the oil based paints. Here I will recommend two deck paints which will work well for you.

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1 – Behr’s DeckOver Coating Paint

This coating paint is rising in popularity because of its superior durability. It is an acrylic based paint which enjoys the benefits imparted to it because of this characteristic. Apart from that, it also comes with a wide range of color choices (54).

2 – Glidden High Endurance Plus

This is another popular paint often used for deck wood too. This is because it is quite durable, in that it has the ability to resist cracking and chipping, as well as is able to maintain its color for a long time.